The most famous dishes you cannot miss in Italy.
The most famous dishes you cannot miss in Italy.

Easter: the most famous dishes you cannot miss in Italy.

The famous Italian saying "paese che vai usanza che trovi", "wherever you go, you'll find different customs" could be also applied to cooking, especially around important holidays such as Easter: indeed, every region has different dishes that are considered typical, just as it happens for Christmas. Again, culinary Italy is divided by habits, but always unified by its delicious dishes! Although some of the dishes you may find on a typical Italian table on Easter sunday are regional and local, there are, nevertheless, some which we can consider "national. The most famous of all, cooked all over the country, is  the agnello, or l'abbacchio as the Romans call it.  Roasted lamb is considered a dish typical of Ester in every part of the country, just as the ubiquitous chocolate egg. Interestingly, both lamb and eggs have deep symbolical meanings, the first embodying Christ's sacrifice, the latter the idea of life itself.

Among the primi piatti, we find some differences: tortellini in brodo, that is, tortellini in a light vegetable or meat broth, served with lashings of grated parmensan, or Lasagne, especially in Emilia- Romagna are typical of the North. The centre and the South prefer pasta dishes with tomato sauce and lamb.

Some new, alternative versions of these classics have been recently reinvented for vegetarians: in fact even many meat eaters feel too many lambs are slaughtered each year  for Easter, and are choosing vegetarian alternatives more often, although most of the Italians still don't want to renounce to a tradtion that for centuries has represented the festivity of Easter itself. Following below, a list of some of local and regional dishes which have become famous all over the country.

-pastiera and casatiello. These are two famous recipes made in Campania. The pastiera is a cake with corn flour.

The casatiello is a salty cake with salami, pecorino cheese and  eggs, places onto the dough and covered in more crisscrossing dough.

-  colomba. It is a cake born in Lombardia, that has shape of a dove. It is eaten all over the country also thanks to its industrial production; it tastes similar to panettone.

-   Sciusceddu. It is a recipe from Sicily made with meat balls, ricotta and cottage cheese;

Torta pasqualina. It is a salty cake made  in Liguria and Piemonte, with spinach, ricotta and eggs.

-  Ciambelle di Pasqua. It is an ancient recipe from Calabria made with bread dough and eggs.

These are only some of the numerous dishes you may find on Italian tables on Easter: when in Rome, do as the Romans do, sit down with family and enjoy a fantastic meal! Happy Easter!