Matt LeBlanc




Matt LeBlanc will always be remembered as the Italian American Joey Tribiani, in one of the most successful sit-com series ever produced: "Friends". Matt became one of the highest paid actors, and "Friends" truly marked the peak of his acting career. After ending the show,he appeared in two seasons of the "Friends" spin off  "Joey", in which he reprised the role of Tribiani, this time away from New York, in a Los Angeles based storyline. The series was not nearly as successful as "Friends" and after that, LeBlanc sort of faded out the mainstream spotlight, appearing in a few motion pictures, but nothing worth mentioning. This is pretty much the same fate shared by most of the other "Friends" cast members, with the exception of Jennifer Aniston.


As for the Italian aspect, Joey overall represented a positive figure with good values, a bit clichéd regarding his relationships with the opposite sex, but certainly pleasant and very likeable.  His character was not very smart, but yet genuine and good-spirited, and this is probably why he turned to be the most liked among the cast. His good looks and well-built, muscular body also helped him to win over female audiences, especially as he was sexy, but never vulgar.


Originally born in Newton, a lovely upscale town a few minutes drive from the center of Boston, Matt has that Italian look and a typically North Eastern attitude, a Italian American combination that was transferred to Joey's character.


Although very successful financially, and though his name made it into the history books of American television, his private life had some bumps on the road. He had a brief marriage and a very young daughter, who in the early months of her life developed serious medical conditions and had multiple seizures. Fortunately, as she grew up things seem to be more stable and indicate that she will be able to lead a healthy life.


At the moment, he is working on a British show whose main character is based on himself, but he is far removed from the glory years of "Friends". It is uncertain if he is interested in more serious roles, or has simply been abandoned by the Hollywood machine, like many others before him.