44,036 Inhabitants.  Lodi is located in Lombardy, not too far from Milan. In the northern part of Italy, although in the southern part of the region.  One of the main features of the city is in fact the river Adda that over the centuries has contributed to Lodi's agricultural development. The city was founded by the Emperor Federico Barbarossa (Frederick Redbeard), although a previous settlement was established there in the time of the Roman Empire.


Today, it is possible to fully enjoy many historical sites, such as the Duomo in the gorgeous "Piazza della Vittoria", perhaps one of the best spots in Italy.  Then the city offers the beautiful palaces "Broletto" and "Modignani", without forgetting the "Ospedale Maggiore". But, probably the most interesting building is the "Palace of Government" that was built in the late 1920's. It's made up of different styles, making it very unique and its architecture is a joy see and study. Another landmark is the bridge over the Adda. Designed by iconic Italian architect Renzo Piano, it is a wonderful example of modern style in a medieval town.


For the more art savvy and romantic, it is probably worth to walk through the small but enchanted "Piazza San Lorenzo". It's actually easy to miss among the various alleys, but once there it is almost magical. On the other hand for those more interested in nature and the environment, the park of the Belgiardino (beautiful garden) is worth a visit. Right alongside the Adda, it is possible to spot birds and truly connect with nature.


Let's talk about the food in Lodi now; as the city offers some excellent gastronomic items. Cheese is the keyword in Lodi, especially the very famous Grana Padano, the top of the top of parmesan cheese, although the experts will refuse to compare it, as the parmesan cheese is the "Parmigiano", while the Grana is the Grana. Anyway, while there also try the original mascarpone cheese, the one used for the famous Tiramisù. A bite of Grana and a spoon of mascarpone are probably alone worth the visit to Lodi.


The main source of income for Lodi is still agriculture, and in addition Lodi has a very sophisticated and technologically advanced industry, much more advanced indeed than many other rural areas in the world. However, due to modern times, Lodi also has very important and strategic industrial areas, especially in the gas and oil business. Also, in regard to telecommunications, Lodi was one of the first cities in Italy to have full cable coverage for high speed internet.


Lodi, regardless of its modern attitude, still keeps a strong link with its past and tries to maintian the lifestyle quality of its people. One perfect example of this, is the fact that the center of city is restricted to the traffic, and only pedestrians are allowed.  This makes it a perfect example of how a strong and successful economy can exist alongside the needs of a more people-focused community.


On a final note, for the American readers, it is nice to point out that in California there is a twin of the city of Lodi, by the name of... Lodi, CA.