205,593 inhabitants.  This beautiful north eastern Italian city is one of the most important gateways that over the centuries has helped trade and the movement of people from the western countries to the those located in central Europe. Trieste is known for many things that we will see later on, however there is a meteorological element that makes this city very unique. Indeed, it is the very strong wind called Bora that blows very strongly and has become a sort of landmark of the city. The Bora can be so strong that it often creates problems for the population, so much sp that chains are placed throughout the streets to offer support when needed.


Previously an important Roman settlement, and a city of the Byzantine empire after, Trieste developed a true international character that continued later with the establishment of the Austro/Hungarian empire and the subsequent bouncing back and forth between Austria and Italy. That sentiment changed during World War I, when Trieste was subject to the final change that delivered the city to Italy for good and the rise of Fascism eliminated any non Italian element. In more recent years the close borders with Yugoslavia and the republics created after its break down have resulted in an interesting exchange of people and culture.


Things got worse during World War II, Trieste was probably the city that has to suffer most the horrible facts of what occured in those days. The invasion of the Germans first, followed by the Communist Yugoslavians, truly put the city down in what it seemed to be a never-ending center of war, with endless death and sorrow.


Anyway, today all these things seem long gone, as Trieste is ranked to be one of the top cities for its quality of life, which is surely a well deserved recognition. Visiting Trieste is a joy, for its wonderful port and the Canal Grande, and of course the wonderful and breathtaking Piazza Unita' d'Italia (Unity of Italy Square) and many Roman buildings can also still be found, making it a very diversified city from an architectural point of view.


Today, Trieste is a very wealthy city, and is the home of the biggest plant in Europe for the building of boat engines and it's also the hometown of Illy Caffe', one of the most recognized brands of coffee in the world. One of the most prestigious Italian insurance and financial companies "Le Generali" was also founded here.

So, include this city on your itinerary and you will not be disappointed.


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