Trentino: an unconventional summer destination for families and nature lovers

Trentino: an unconventional summer destination for families and nature lovers

Summer is often associated to the sea; however, Italy offers many other destinations for those who are not too keen to spend their entire vacation on the beach, sunbathing. The variety of the Italian landscape truly is a godsend for those holidaying there and the Alps certainly represent one of the best loved destinations for many. Trentino Alto Adige, a region situated in the north-east of the country rightly considered one of the most beautiful places to spend your holidays in relax, especially if you like nature and trekking.


Trentino is highly recommended to families and all those who love spending their vacations at high altitude and enjoying the wonders of uncontaminated landscapes.

Trekking, bike rides and walks are perfect to discover the hidden corners of this land, all in the name of relax, fresh air. Nature and mountains are, in fact, the real protagonists of this area that is often renowned also for the production of biological products among which apples are certainly the most famous. Trentino is also famous for its cold cuts, speck, a smoked type of cured ham, is king.

Trento, Monte Bodone and Valle dei Laghi are well known places, where to enjoy trekking and rock climbing. Children will love getting to know all the types of trees, flowers and animals of these valleys.  However, if there is an uncontrollable desire of going shopping, check out Trento, Bolzano or Merano, visit the town, local museums or eat in some local restaurants.

As Trentino is a popular destination for families, it offers a number of organized activities and facilities for kids. Cormano is famous for its thermal waters,  cure to many dermatological ailments. Thermal spots often offer entertainment for children, while their parents can relax in the thermal center.

Other activities for children can be easily found in Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo and Val Rendena. Their agendas include special itineraries to be walked also with a push chair, plenty of outdoor sport centers and parks.


In addition, the natural Park Adamello Brenta organizes special activities aiming at knowing nature through entertainment and games, thanks to the help of local environmentalists.

Alongside trekking, cycling is another way to explore the beautiful valleys of the Dolomites; they can be easily rented and local trains such as Dolomiti Express or buses allow people to bring bikes in case they want to return by means of transport if too tired.

Trentino Alto Adige is always considered more of a winter destination due to its skiing centers and for the typical mountain panoramas, but in the last few years it has begun to be considered a 'four season' destination, able to offer activities during the whole year in the spirit of nature and relax. It is a place to be visited also in the summer by all those looking for something different and unconventional which does not include beaches or sunset aperitifs as most people are generally used to in this period of the year.