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Paolo Nascimbeni

Founder, Project Manager. Born in Brescia Italy, he moved to Rome at the age of six where he lived for 20 years. He moved to the US in 1987 to get degrees in Computer Science (BS 1988 SUNY Binghamton, NY, Master of Engineering 1989 Cornell University, Ithaca, NY). After graduation, he worked in the Artificial Intelligence computing department at IBM before leaving to open his own business involving trade in antiques and collectible cameras and cars with Italy.
In 2004, Paolo decided to return to his computing roots but continue the Italian connection, and founded, which has now become the most visited English language website about all things Italian. Through and his Italian meet-up group, Paolo enjoys assisting the English speaking population to pursue its passion for Italy, Italian food, culture and fun. On the personal side, he loves to tour the Italy and the United States on his motorcycles and enjoys sailing on Lake Bolsena, two hours north of Rome. 

I love my website but I am also a relator and I decided to seek lifestyle for clients through real estate.