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Anna De Filippo

Anna De Filippo: writer. Anna is from Caserta, in the South of Italy.
She graduated in translation and languages. She speaks fluent English and Spanish and a bit of French and Indonesian. She has a great passion for English language and she has fostered it through writing articles, translating and teaching English. She likes travelling and getting in touch with foreign cultures. She decided to join Lifeintaly in order to let other people understand some aspects of Italian culture and life.

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015
flowers meaning
Flowers are often appreciated in several parts of the world and so are in Italy. Given on birthday, anniversaries, special events, graduations, births or simply on a romantic dinner, there are some suitable for each occasion! However, the message flowers symbolically send may differ from one culture to another so much that, sometimes, misunderstandings can arise.    Whether you have to buy a present or for mere curiosity, here is a list of some of the most famous flowers in Italy and their
Friday, October 2nd, 2015
ghost towns italy
    They are called Città Fantasma.   Suspended between the existing and the non-existing, these towns embody the liminality between life and and death itself. They are abandoned now, but they used to be full of people and lively. Many reasons have forced their inhabitants to flee: natural disasters, people's changing needs, or a simple lack of generational renewal.    These are not conventional places to visit, yet, they  are an interesting
Thursday, October 1st, 2015
ghost towns italy
In the center of the boot, name with which Italy is usually referred to, there are several forgotten and hidden ghost places that can be visited by everyone interested in mystery...   Ghost towns of Lazio Starting from the first – or last, depending on which side of Italy you are coming from – western region of the center of the country, Lazio is famous for Rome and her monuments, which do not lack in mystery. Nevertheless, there are several interesting places outside the capital  that can be
Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
risotto and rice
Even if Italy is often regarded as the home country of pasta, rice is another popular dish served as primo piatto. Rice is an Asian ingredient that was exported to Italy a long time ago; although it is not possible to pinpoint exactly the date of its arrival, this ingredient has managed to become popular and it is, in fact, a major produce cultivated in the country, especially in some areas of the North.  The most famous risaie, paddy fields, are situated in the Northern part of the country
Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
ghost towns italy
  If you are visiting the northern part of Italy and you are attracted by uninhabited places rich in mystery, you will find several ghost towns whether if you are travelling to the western or eastern part.    Ruins of the Church in Bussana Vecchia, one of the best known ghost towns in the north of Italy (by surkovdimitri at   Ghost towns in Friuli-Venezia Giulia Palcoda This little abandoned mountain borgo is situated in the province of Pordenone. No car can reach it as
Tuesday, September 29th, 2015
italian crime
Italians like keeping informed and follow the news religiously. Even if the ways of accessing information have changed, with the average Italian relying more and more on the internet rather than newspapers, something has kept the same: a morbid interest towards crime.   A crime scene... Lego style (Clement127/flickr)   Whether it is the media dictating the trend by focusing, sometimes almost sickeningly, on murder investigations, or it is the public deciding what
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015
old fashioned games
  A glittery scubidù (Paul Downey/flickr)   Once upon a time, Italians used to play games that no longer exist; these games were often played in the streets, safer then, as there was little traffic and other types of dangers. Friends' houses, bars or circoli – clubs – were the most common places where people met and gathered to entertain themselves and spend their free time. These games had been played for centuries, generation after generation, before technology
Wednesday, September 9th, 2015
rude italian
Every culture is a world of its own. Verbal communication and day to day way of life are the true expression of what the culture of a certain place is like.       However, some behaviors could be misunderstood and considered inappropriate, as we tend to view them through the lenses of our own culture. We should understand, though,  that things might be different in another place and that many times a particular habit we consider rude, may not be such for people with
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015
autumn fall italy
  If you chose the months between mid-September and mid-December to visit Italy, then you'll enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons in our country: Fall (or Autumn).   Autumn in Italy: the Chianti region in Tuscany Ph. depositphoto/samot   Fall in Italy is a beautiful time of the year, where nature gently falls asleep after the glorious plentifulness of Summer, and does so by offering some of the most astonishing colors in existence. Full palettes of yellows,
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015
marostica chess game
The human chess game in Marostica   A view of Marostica's famous "Piazza degli Scacchi" (Ale/flickr)   Festivals and local events are the mirror of specific folklore and they always reflect the tradition and culture of a place. In Italy there are hundreds, if not thousands, of towns that want to express their local features through events. However, Marostica, in the Vicenza province, perhaps has exceeded all types of expectations. This Northern town is renowned for being the
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015
San Gennaro
San Gennaro: A Traditional Catholic Neapolitan Feast   If you go to Naples on September 19th you will find the city celebrating its patron saint, San Gennaro, a bishop and a martyr from Pozzuoli, canonized by the Catholic Church. The feast of San Gennaro involves prayer, processions and celebrations, and is usually based around a fixed program held in the Duomo of Naples. One of the most important events is linked to an emotional ritual, rich in hope and devotion: the
Saturday, August 29th, 2015
Settembre al Borgo Caserta
  Caserta Vecchia, the historical and ancient part of the town Caserta, becomes theatre of an amazing event in September entitled Settembre al Borgo.   Caserta Vecchia, a medieval village in Campania   Settembre al Borgo is an event based on music, theatre, dancing, art and culture that takes place every year, usually during the first week of September. The tower, the Annunziata Church, the Duomo, the Cathedral and the Vescovado square become an enchanting scenario
Friday, August 28th, 2015
foreign food italy
   Italy, Italians and foreign food   When it comes to food, Italians are proud of their roots. They would unlikely renounce to their typical dishes and favor them above all other types of food. Even when they are abroad, many Italians like to head to Italian restaurants even if, most times, these prove to be rather disappointing. Yet, the belief Italian food is healthier and better than any other, will bring them to repeat the same mistake over and over.
Friday, August 14th, 2015
Fantozzi: The Comic Symbol of the Italian Everyman If you go to Italy, you will sometimes hear people saying "Fare una fantozzata" or "Sei un Fantozzi". The term fantozzata is a neologism, included in many dictionaries, that is used by Italians to describe particular types of behavior inspired by Fantozzi. And who, exactly, is Fantozzi? He is the literary and comedic character created and played by Italian actor Paolo Villaggio.   Fantozzi drives his Bianchina, in the first Fantozzi
Wednesday, August 12th, 2015
paolo villaggio
Paolo Villaggio is an Italian actor who became famous especially thanks to his portrayal of the unfortunate and pathetic Fantozzi.  Villaggio has been protagonist of more than 80 films, an amazing career for which he received, in 1992, the Leone D'Oro alla carriera and the Festival del Cinema di Venezia.  Villaggio is truly a complete artist: he is also a writer, a playwright, a showman,  a cabaret performer and a film director.   A recent photo of Paolo Villaggio
Tuesday, August 4th, 2015
Alberto Sordi
  Alberto Sordi in "Un giorno in pretura"   "Maccarone, m'hai provocato e io ti distruggo adesso, maccarone! Io me te magno, ahmm!". (Said in a Roman accent: "Pasta, you provoked me and I’ll destroy you now, pasta! I'm going to eat you, ahmm!")   When faced with a plate of pasta, many Italians would say or think of this sentence, first uttered by Alberto Sordi in the film Un Americano a Roma. It is one of the most famous lines in Italian popular consciousness, along
Tuesday, August 4th, 2015
  Antonio De Curtis, or Totò as he is better known, is not well known outside of Italy, but in his home country is one of the most famous comedians in the history of television and film. Not surprisingly, Italians refer to Totò as the Prince of Laughter. Born in Naples in February 1898, Totò would become a celebrated actor, writer, singer and songwriter, for a long time neglected by critics, some of whom are only now reevaluating what was once largely considered meaningless humor.
Sunday, August 2nd, 2015
italian beaches
Life on Italian beaches: some basics you should know   The seaside is a favorite destination for all those choosing Italy for a summer vacation. Beaches during the summer can get overcrowded, but remain pretty organized, so that people can enjoy some deserved relax.  There are several types of beaches in Italy: sandy beaches, rocky beaches, gravel beaches and cliffs. Some are free, while others require the tourist to pay an entry fee, as they are managed by bathing
Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
giovanni falcone
  Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino   Not many people have the courage to stand up for their ideals and fight for the better interests of society, but Giovanni Falcone, along with his friend Paolo Borsellino, is certainly one who has. Born in Palermo in May of 1939, Falcone would go on to graduate with a law degree from the University of Palermo and become an Italian magistrate seen as a hero in the Italian fight against the mafia. Due to his drive and actions, Falcone will
Monday, July 20th, 2015
trentino alto adige summer
  The breathtaking Alpine landscapes of Trentino Alto-Adige (   Summer is often associated with the sea, however Italy offers many other destinations for those who are not too keen on spending their entire vacation on a beach sunbathing.  The variety of the Italian landscape truly is a godsend and the Alps certainly represent one of Italy's favored destinations. Trentino Alto Adige is situated in the