Al Bano & Romina Power

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Al Bano e Romina Power are one of the most famous duo in Italian music: they delivered wonderful songs, but also embodied for many a decade a magnificent love. Al Bano is a self-made singer coming from the South of Italy,  while Romina is the daughter of legendary Hollywood star Tyrone Power. Sadly, on a personal level they went separate ways and while Al Bano continued his singing career in Italy as soloist, Romina Power moved back to the States and now lives between California and Arizona, seeking different ways of expressing herself through visual arts and writing. We'd like to honor them as follows, with respect and gentleness.

The love and grace of their music fly into our lives like a breeze of the wind touching our hair. Their act and songs dance a wonderful ballet, usually in synchrony and often giving company to each other in what for the most, is an artistic marriage given to history and given to a country. A very few people can claim such honor and even fewer can do so, entertaining and bringing joy. At the dome of a new generation, new sounds and new art forms are shaping up, but only a glimpse in the past and a musical note can regenerate something that is gone, but never died. Their music indeed lasts forever, alive in our hearts and souls.

Al Bano e Romina Power : Felicita'

Those, like Al Bano and Romina, who are lucky enough to be able to communicate with their art and freely connect the spirits of millions shall be recognized and respected in their intimacy, because so much they have given to our intimacy; during an innocent dance at a children party when the record played "Questo e' il balllo del qua qua", or even more when the radio in the car on a bad day played "Felicita'". Soundtracks of different stages of our life, and different moods of our existence, all embracing an energy that moves forward, inspiring and opening to the impossible. When a glance into the eye of the other shakes an entire nation and when the sound of a man of the country, meets the sound of a lady from the Western hills, music travels at the speed of light into the hearts of those that want to dance, want to dream and want to love.

As the sun heats Earth, two familiar voices irradiated our days with pleasant harmony, seeking a balance so strong on stage, and yet so difficult to imitate. Millions of souls have been applauding for decades, drunk of a wine never fully tasted, but strong and vital like the roots of an Apulian grape, eaten by the smiling lips of a gracious princess frozen in time. A beautiful picture, framed and given to a world hungry for breaking someone's privacy, pretending to care, but capable of giving and creating an act on their own; an insensitive world that cannot stop the profound love of the majority of the people, who dignifying the music let the "behind the scenes" outside the dream, in respect and love.


Al Bano e Romina Power "Ci Sara'" - Sanremo 1984



The same love that a flying angel blesses moving her feathers, at the beat of a jazz song mixed with a Creole rhythm, appealing to an Italian music strong and very much alive in its creators. The same music that keeps on growing from generation to generation, softly but firmly, still beating in the heart of those of push it forward aiming at the future, loving the past, in its memory and in its teachings.


The future opens to different scenarios, embracing creativity and lyrics that might appear remotely connected to their predecessors, but actually are of the same nature giving yes, a different line of emotions but always based on identical feelings that will never fade away. That is what the audiences look for and also what they expect and always have being expecting, regardless of the time and the era that they were living in. Knowing to have fully embraced more than one generation is a remarkable achievement to be proud of and to be used as the base for their own kids that with gentle pace enter the same world of art and composing, to carry on the family tradition.


...Anything else is nonsense and against the spirit of their music