Aldo Busi

Aldo Busi

A poet, a writer a man that for several reasons was able to find a particular space within Italian pop culture. Busi has been known since the beginning of his career for his flamboyance and openness about his homosexuality, which he lives openly. A lover of scandal and drama, his opinions have often created outrage, his most controversial being related to fairly disturbing views on pedophilia, aired on a memorable episode of the "Maurizio Costanzo Show" in 1996. After the show aired, Busi's moral ability to understand the difference between right and wrong was strongly criticized by his detractors.

Busi claims to be a philosopher, so he tried to give a somewhat intellectual explanation to his exploit: reality is that, up to today, his position on the topic is still very unclear. Like any other artist and eclectic thinker, Busi surely lives above the lines, seeking controversy whenever he can and often attacking directly the Catholic Church for its straight policies against gay unions and homosexuality in general.

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Some take his views on broader issues, such as economy and overall life matters, as inspiring and innovative and a large crowd of followers actually enjoys listening to him and reading his work. Unfortunately for his literary efforts, Busi's mouth speaks louder than his pen and often his personality and his actions become more important than his publications;  the  new generations may remember him only for his TV appearances, widely available on Youtube, rather than his literature. Busi has indeed created a certain interest for his performances on air and although they certainly made him a household name for many,  they also created major problems for his public career. In recent years he decided to participate to the popular reality show "L'isola dei famosi" (Survivor) hosted by Simona Ventura on primetime TV. Busi at first played the part of  the intellectual castaway, then he turned into a very nasty player, attacking left and right and entirely ostrazycing the public, to the point he was banned from appearing on RAI–the Italian public tv broadcaster– shows.

Aldo Busi

The ban did affect his public persona greatly. For a man who had fundamentally made a career from being a controversial character on the small screen, being forced away from tv meant the end of a lucrative journey into popular culture, because let's face it, Busi became rich and famous because of his big mouth, not his literary talent. But was there real talent to begin with? Many, especially after his appearance of the "Isola dei Famosi" have been questioning his art and his position of intellectual: joining a z-list celebrities' reality show is not certainly the behavior of a thinker, of a real artist.  This was the overall general opinion and his face was dismissed, as TV can be very cruel and so its audience.

His moratorium from tv ended a few months later, when he appeared on once off shows on RAI later, and eventually went back full time to tv last year, as a regular on Barbara D'Urso's show "Stasera che Sera".

Busi's literary career has been quite fruitful, not only as a novelist, but also as a translator, from English and German, as well as commentator on some of world literature's most amazing classics. One guesses if dedicating more time to his art and less to trash tv could have been better for his career. Truth is, probably not: nothing gives exposure as television and by deciding to appear so often, in shows of dubious intellectual value, Busi showed the world he took a decision, that of favoring notoriety to artistic and cultural credibility.

Like any other notorious and recognizable writer, Busi splits the audience in those who are in favor and those who are against him. He doesn't usually takes sides, except for his own, but he surely enjoys being in the middle of the attention. His writing is decent, but certainly not brilliant and maybe that is the reason behind his decision to become a tv personality: aware of being mediocre at art, but good at creating drama, he chose the fastest way to success.

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