Colin Firth

Let's begin with three words: an amazing actor. For decades this British performer has given great acts and conquered the heart of millions of fans, especially females. His big breakthrough came in 1996 with his stellar performance as Mr Darcy in a true masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice. The made-for-TV movie, even today, has one of the highest feedback rating on IMDB and Amazon. It is definitely a must-see. After that, he acted in a series of romantic, goofy roles such us Bridget Jones' Diary, Love Actually, and Mamma Mia, before his  astonishing performance in The King's Speech, who won him the Oscar. Colin is British all the way, with a dry and classy sense of humor, a splendid spirit and genuine softness, and importantly, an ironic smile that betrays a good heart and honest soul. All elements that make audiences fall in love, believe, and dream.

His connection with Italy is by marriage; his wife and the mother of two of his three sons, Livia Giuggioli, is from Rome. Colin spends a great deal of time in Italy, a country that he loves and that has practically become a second home. This is very common among many British citizens, who find in the lands of Tuscany and Umbria a place away from home in which they can own a second house and enjoy a more Mediterranean lifestyle.

Firth doesn't have the striking good looks of Brad Pitt or the charismatic glaze of  Al Pacino, but his charm is continuous and lasting,  which is far more important. Everyone knows who he is, even if they don't always remember his name. His soul lives with the audience, and that is a very special gift for an actor, not at all common.

Colin Firth is the best friend we all want and the perfect husband women wish to have. Not a limitation on his acting skills, these traits are instead positive; indeed, he is an actor we can trust on a personal level to deliver trustable characters. Some might say that Firth tends to be repetitive and redundant in his roles, but the truth couldn't be further from that. He is versatile and extremely talented, and can play any number of character types. His interpretation of King George VI in The King's Speech is not only remarkable, but full of amazing gifts to the audience, marvelously supported by another superlative actor, Geoffrey Rush.

Besides the artistic value for which Colin Firth is mostly known, we should also make a note of his efforts in social matters, especially in those related to African refugees. He devotes a great deal of time to such issues, showing a strong sense of civil maturity, something often lacking even in some world's leaders. He has affiliated himself with political parties and his voice is heard loudly and often, although he has never taken an active political candidacy. As a private citizen he supports causes he feels are worthy. One of these projects is the work of his wife, who creates documentaries focused on civil rights. Some critics see his position as naïve and too leftist, but he is  just as often praised for his work.

Italy is lucky to host such a successful and dedicated man as an in-law.