Tea Leoni

Tea Leoni (Photo from Wikipedia)

Sexy, beautiful, classy Tea Leoni comes from an upper class New York family of Italian heritage and was brought up in some very élite private schools. When the time for college came about, Tea dropped out in favor of following her dreams and passion, deciding to go after an acting career instead. This choice may have been a risk, but it has paid off for Tea, leading to artistic and financial success and worldwide recognition.

Leoni began her career with some small parts in TV shows with her breakthrough role coming on the soap Santa Barbara. The silver screen wasn't far behind, and in 1991 the actress was cast in Switch, followed by the 1992 hit A League of Their Own and the 1994 masterpiece Wyatt Earp. From that moment on, Leoni's career grew in leaps and bounds, and she landed roles in a series of major blockbusters from Deep Impact to The Family Man and Jurassic Park III. After marrying and having children Leoni slowed down a bit career-wise in the latter half of the 2000s.

While working less, Leoni got more involved in charity work with organizations like UNICEF, showing a special care for charity and social causes. Tea Leoni is one of those actresses who is very light and yet very present, she has a soul and an attitude, and a way of embracing the character, making it hers and then forcing the audience to accept it her way. Leoni doesn't settle, she wants to be the leader, and all of that happens in the most delicate way possible, without any imposition, as simple as a natural process.


Recently Leoni's personal life hit a bit of a hard patch with news just being announced that Leoni and her husband of 14 years, actor David Duchovny (of The X-Files and Californication fame) have separated. The couple, who are parents to Madelaine West and Kyd, also separated in 2008, but reconciled after Duchovny underwent treatment for sex addiction. The future of their relationship, and how that will affect both their careers, is still unclear at this point, and nothing indicates whether they will be getting back together, or divorcing. One thing is for sure: whatever happens in her personal life, Tea Leoni will remain a class act, and a wonderful actress.

It's fair to say that Leoni falls somewhere between a modern day Grace Kelly and a more reserved version of Meg Ryan, less comic but more reflective of your every day woman. In our opinion, Tea Leoni represents the true spirit of a modern American woman, and her Italian heritage helps her seem less like a total native New Yorker and more like a woman with roots in Italy. We look forward to seeing more of Tea's upcoming work, as we feel that we haven't seen enough of her and that her best has still to come.