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Who thought Italy didn't celebrate Halloween? Well, think again. Halloween has already trampled over the Italian holiday of Carnevale with all fours.

Italian kids on halloween 2007

The telephone company Blu can testify to eight million Halloween fans (adults included), who will dress up like witches, zombies and monsters and party on from midnight to sunrise. It's a monster-mash in Italy, Italians will be costumed from head to toe.

The grand Celtic-Roman antique ritual in the past few years has conquested the common public, and boomed its businesses, which has caused Italians to spend 330 million euro between costumes and decorations. It's been taken seriously at last!


The grand festival for Italy's Halloween 2007, will take place on Saturday in Lucca. This program is packed with concerts, guests and rich attractions; and will be expecting 40,000 people.

And in the region of Le Marche on Borgo di Corinaldo, they will be electing "Miss Strega" "Miss Witch," it has even gone to their heads.

A Halloween demonstration will air on Rete 4 in Italy, which has had incredible successes over the past few years and Gardaland Italy's fun park, is preparing a Halloween festival with a show called "Magic Halloween."

Let's not overlook the disco clubs and local establishments - they have been making reservations all along and for all those arriving masked, free entrance will be granted.

Pumpkins! No one can escape Halloween's number one icon. According to Italian agriculture, they perceive pumpkin sales to be about 2.3%; therefore the prices of masks and costumes will be lifted higher. In coming years, even the significance of the pumpkin will be integrated into Italy's virgin Halloween culture.

For a full 24 hours, Italian streets will be flooding in dead corpses that walk, and witches...who knows, maybe they'll even be on the hunt for something sweet.


Ideas from The Leggo Newspaper - Franceso Balzani

By Jackelin J.Jarvis

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