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Art Deco in Italy- II
Friday, July 11TH, 2014 by
  Continues from Art Deco I.    Art Deco in Design, Fine Arts, Fashion   Coco Chanel (   The forms and designs for the decoration of furniture and ornamental pieces made wide use of arabesques, with round and oval shapes prevailing over...
Art Deco in Italy- I
Thursday, July 10TH, 2014 by
    Old and New, Antique and Modern: What Was Before Art Deco   We were taught at school, or better still we were brainwashed, into believing that languages were divided into two broad categories: those that were generally defined as "living" and those considered as "dead"...
Monday, June 28TH, 2010 by
Italian Interior Decor The history of Italian decor borrows from traditions thousands of years old. While the ancient Romans spared no pains to make their interiors look aesthetic and comfortable, the nobility of the Middle Ages was not so far behind in its resplendence. This was followed by the...
Italian antique Roof
Thursday, June 10TH, 2010 by
Roof ItalyLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras condimentum laoreet magna, non tincidunt nunc tempor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam ornare, ipsum mollis tincidunt fermentum, nunc purus congue diam, fringilla fermentum justo...
Principles of Italian Decorating
Tuesday, November 24TH, 2009 by
Italian garden Decor in the Italian home is an inspiration for home decorators and property owners worldwide. Be it romanticism or stylishness, Italian decor delivers it every time. But home decoration Italian style is not merely about aesthetic qualities alone, it is also very much about...
Italian Created Nursery
Monday, October 06TH, 2008 by
Italian Inspiration for Newborns If you have a little one on the way, consider taking inspiration from two of the enchanting places in Italy when decorating your baby's nursery: Tuscany and Venice! A nursery inspired by the hillside towns and countryside landscape of Tuscany is the perfect haven...
Wonderful Vistas of Italian Light Fixtures
Tuesday, August 19TH, 2008 by
Light fixtures that speak of art and create atmosphere Before discussing lamps and other lighting devices that in Italy represent a vast area of artistic production, it may be of some interest to the reader to be informed that the attention to detail in home decorating in Italy extends to...
Terracotta Decor II
Monday, August 18TH, 2008 by
Terracotta: The beauty of Fired Earth. Part II Written By: Jamie Sue Austin Terracotta also finds itself in many architectural settings. Once limited to base relief and frieze decorations terracotta has expanded into modern settings with strikingly modern designs. This fireplace by Sergio Valenti...
Terracotta Decor I
Monday, August 18TH, 2008 by
Terracotta: The beauty of fired earth, Part I Clay. Earth. Dirt. Soil. From such humble beginnings man created an empire. Bricks of clay built homes and tiled roofs and pavements. From the ground came plates, bowels, pots and containers of every shape and size which held food, water, and various...
Wonderful Americana
Monday, August 18TH, 2008 by
Fantastic Americana Pieces You Can Add to Any Décor I'm Italian. Well, Italian-American. My mother was born in Italy. She moved here when she was still a child back in 1956. She was heavily influenced by both cultures - still is. I've inherited that from her, among other things.   In my own...