Italian Color in the Home

Italian Macro Prints

The moods, sensuality and colors of the Italian countryside have always been closely linked to Italian interior design. However, finding the perfect way of bringing the true colors of Italian nature into the Italian style home has always seemed to evade us, until now!


Young contemporary artists are capturing the vibrancy, sensuality and sheer passion of the Italian countryside in all of it's four seasons, in a completely new and original way. A new style of macro photography has been able to capture the purity and essence of Italian nature by using nature itself- the real and natural colors! By capturing the gentlest of petal tones, the freshest of leafy greens, to highlighting the most striking of color contrasts in their natural form. Some of these artists have been able to underline natural beauty perfectly and transport it into the home.


Hannah Summers and Italmacro, for example, have transformed photography into an unique art-form, resembling contemporary abstract painting, that pays a sensuous tribute to the wonder of natural color, form and balance and renders it more than 'just a simple photograph'.

Using the wondrous natural colors of the Italian countryside, she has released a range of stunning prints, named "Secrets of Italian Nature" chosen to compliment any interior space, from the very softest Italian pastels to the most vibrant, Etruscan color range. From holiday home to family residence, her intuitive feel provides a color for every mood and situation in a range of large prints which have all been collected and inspired from the Italian countryside surrounding her studio in Siena, Tuscany.

Unadulterated natural colors, no artificial manipulation or use of Photoshop and a inherent understanding of color tones in the landscape, gained from art studies in the U.K have enabled English-born Hannah to produce stunning, sensuous images with tones to suit every lounge, bedroom or reception room. Italian style and precision have led to a perfect harmony between color in the landscape, it's varied tonal ranges and all taken from the finest, natural palette of them all... Nature!

By Jonathan Radford

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