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Italian Beauty and Its Cosmetics Industry

Italian Beauty - Elegance and Authenticity


Sophia Loren: Italian Beauty Icon


Italian women are known as some of the most beautiful in the world. For decades actresses like Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida have not only been the epitome of Italian beauty, but have personified what the world thinks a gorgeous, sensual woman should be. Women around the world have found themselves envious of these beauties' thick dark hair, big brown eyes and luscious hour-glass frames as well as their elegant, but inherently chic, fashion sense. Most remarkable of all is the dignified and graceful way both Loren and Lollobrigida are aging. So it's no surprise that along with Italian fashion labels the country's cosmetic and fragrance brands are also doing brisk business, packaging and selling Italian beauty to the masses.


Italians believe that people, especially women, can look beautiful at any age as long as they take care of themselves and they have cultivated the tricks and products to enable that to happen. Take actress Monica Bellucci for instance. Born in 1964, Bellucci is still considered one of the ten sexiest women in Italy despite no longer being in her 20s. And it's not just the women. Handsome Italian actors from the late Marcello Mastroianni to current heartyhrob Raul Bova seem to get hotter as they get older and easily epitomize the word "cool" with their beautifully tailored clothes and European charm and sex appeal.


Companies have long been trying to cash in on this Italian appeal and many of the world's top producers of cosmetics and beauty products are indeed Italian. According to, "Italy is a strong producer of fragrances and color cosmetics, with several multinational cosmetics companies sourcing much of their production in Italy. Thus, Italy is a net exporter, which has a positive trade balance." As a country Italy also has a long history of spas and thermal baths that provide healing and beautifying effects. Many of these famous spas, such as Terme di Saturnia and the Cali Beauty Farm, also produce beauty products that are now available overseas.


The products of Italian soil are most often used in producing these beauty products. From virgin olive oil and grapefruit to oranges, these natural ingredients are used in moisturizers, cleansers and other creams and many of these Italian companies create their lines of beauty products using only natural elements. Other Italian companies like Milano have also developed dermatological skin care lines.


Borghese: Italian Beauty Products


Two famous Italian cosmetics companies, Borghese and Pupa, have maintained their high reputations in the industry for quite awhile. Pupa's very useful color kits are a prestigious beauty item and make a lovely gift not only for the makeup, but also because of the fun packaging. Now there are many more Italian companies following in the footsteps of these pioneers, using the bright and vivid colors prevalent in the country's landscape and in Mediterranean buildings in their products. These days it can safely be said that Italian makeup is certainly as good as French and American brands, if not better.


Italian design houses like Versace and Armani have also introduced lines of cosmetics so that all women can have a piece of the houses' high fashion styles. All the big Italian designers also market several fragrances and there are also some very old and distinguished Italian perfume companies like Borsari. So if you'd like to adopt a little bit of Italian beauty, sensuality and style for your own, stay tuned to this section where we hope to introduce you to the wonderful world of Italian cosmetics and perfumes, inform you about new products and provide some great beauty tips.


By: Lisa-Anne Sanderson

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015 - 17:30
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