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Video of Sexy Italian Women

Sexy Videos
Sexy Videos

Following are a few videos of sexy Italian women


Monica Bellucci, one of the sexiest Italian Women
Ph. flickr/jingdianmeinv


Belen Rodriguez in a lingerie shooting set:




Elena Santarelli: Shooting for Max Calendar 2006 ! Amazing video!




Cecilia Capriotti vs Maddalena Corvaglia: which one is your favorite?






Aida Yespica doing what she does best! Wow.





A video of Manuela Arcuri from her movies! 





Sexy Maria Grazia Cucinotta in movies:





Federica Felini singing "Je t'aime"




Elisabetta Canalis shooting for Maxim!




Federica Ridolfi commercial spots. Whatever she's selling, I'm sold.


Giorgia Palmas.



Ilaria D'Amico, the sexiest Italian journalist!




Paola Barale in the backstage for a calendar:



Nicole Minetti, former regional councilor:



See also this article about those that we consider the sexiest Italian Women.

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