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Above : Sexy Italian legs 

Elena Santarelli: Max Calendar ! Amazing video!

Max Calendar 2006 - The most popular videos are here

Aida Yespica doing what she does best! Wow.


A video of Manuela Arcuri on the job. Funny video! Click twice to watch.

Federica Felini singing "Je t'aime"

Elisabetta Canalis!

Another Video of Elisabetta Canalis!

Federica Ridolfi commercial spots. Whatever she's selling, I'm sold.

Giorgia Palmas collage.

Linda Santaguida

One sexy Italian Grandmother!

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Tuesday, April 26TH, 2011 by Guest

Very sexy videos! Thanks :)

Saturday, May 28TH, 2011 by Guest



Monday, August 08TH, 2011 by Guest

move sex xxx

move sex xxx

Thursday, March 22TH, 2012 by Guest

very sexy

Sunday, April 15TH, 2012 by Guest

ooohhhh fine

Friday, June 01TH, 2012 by Guest

verry nice

Friday, August 24TH, 2012 by Guest

big sexy

Monday, December 17TH, 2012 by Guest

according to show above i prefer to italian

Wednesday, April 10TH, 2013 by Guest