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Women fashion

Bikini Evolution, Italy
Tuesday, May 13TH, 2014 by
Over sixty years ago, this now-ubiquitous-then-controversial swimsuit made its debut at a pool-side party in Paris. In this day and age, it is hard to comprehend the shock of the general public when this over-the-top swimming attire stepped into the limelight. Even the French models who were...
Thursday, July 21TH, 2011 by Anna De Filippo
Summer 2011 has come. Sun, beaches and suntan are what Italians really want in this moment. Even those who are not already on holiday, and are waiting until August, are getting things ready. Women and men each have their particular items of interest; many women are thinking about the swimsuits...
Ruffles, Bows & Khaki: Valentino for Gap
Wednesday, November 24TH, 2010 by
What do you get when you pair an Italian designer house, famous for elegance and glamour with an American brand known for producing sportswear, casual style and khakis? You get the Valentino for Gap capsule collection, which features assorted pieces festooned with Valentino-style ruffles in very...
Italian Women's Fashion
Monday, July 26TH, 2010 by
Italian Women's Fashion: A Sorelle Fontana Creation Italian women have long led the world of fashion, their obsession with la bella figura second to none. Though Italy has had a strong reputation of luxury goods and garments since the 11th century, modern Italian women's fashion only took off in...
Sexy Lingerie From Italy
Wednesday, November 26TH, 2008 by
10 Sexy Pieces of Italian Lingerie Lingerie is hot. It's sexy. It makes a woman feel like a woman. Italian lingerie is lingerie for women, and men. It is made of the most sumptuous materials like lace and silk. It feels soft to the touch and soft on the skin. It's also gorgeous and...
Zoning Italian Size Conversion Charts
Monday, October 06TH, 2008 by
Shopping for Clothes in Italy If you are on an Italian vacation, one of the things you would like to do is go shopping for clothes and shoes. Pretty natural, Italian fashion is one of the most well-known all over the world, after all. You enter an Italian shop, a boutique, or a mall, and start...
Winter Coats in Italy II
Thursday, August 14TH, 2008 by
Cavalli black embroidered fur Big collars are really big this fall, and fur has done the rounds of all the designer runways. Some, like Cavalli have spared no pains in exploiting both: witness the blue stunner with the extra-large fur on the neck, and the fox fur details on the lovely...
Winter Coats in Italy I
Thursday, August 14TH, 2008 by
Gucci Military Style Coat There is already that nip in the air, and fall has set in. Before winter dons your world in a coat of white, you might as well hurry up and pick up your own coat for the season. Or, if you are like me, you would choose in plural: coats! Yes, I am a believer in glamorous...
Types of Sexy Italian Skirts
Wednesday, August 13TH, 2008 by
10 of the Hottest Italian Skirts A skirt is so feminine. It's sexy. It can hug the curves or caress them gently as the fabric cascades over the skin. Italian skirts come three ways. There are gonnellone (long skirt), gonna (mid-length, usually just at or slightly above the knee) and a...
Sexy Bikinis
Wednesday, August 13TH, 2008 by
10 Sexy Italian Bikini Swimsuits Who doesn't love the beach? Sand, sun and beautiful water. The beaches of the Mediterranean are stunning. Italy is full of beach babes and what do those beach babes wear? Swimsuits, especially the barely-there bikinis. It's enough to make your...