Italians & Europeans Flash Video

Enjoy this very funny flash-movie by Bruno Bozzetto. This flash cartoon does not intend to ridicule Italians, since I myself am Italian, and I am very proud of being Italian but since the rest of Life in Italy is painting Italy more and more like "Heaven on Earth," I added this cartoon and I will add some jokes pages to compensate. I am trying  to give a more honest image. So please look at the video with some sense of humor -   Ciao

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Driving Naples, Italy and Riding a Vespa

Cartoon RossiMany Many thanks to the cartoonist Bruno Bozzetto, the creator of Mr. Rossi who allowed me to use his short film.

Click to see Mr. Bozzetto web site to The world of Mr. Rossi

The music is by Roberto Frattini





Friday, May 08TH, 2009 by Guest

good share

Wednesday, May 13TH, 2009 by Guest

Grazi! I really enjoyed this. Thank you! : )

Thursday, May 19TH, 2011 by Guest

Hello, I'm from Argentina, and is nice to finally see why we are the way we are (after this video I felt I would feel completely at home if I get to go to Italy).
Baci e abbracci.

Friday, June 03TH, 2011 by Guest


Sunday, June 05TH, 2011 by Guest

Nice to see that we Russians have so much in common with Italians :-)

Sunday, June 19TH, 2011 by Guest

We're so like the Italians! (I'm from Malta)

Friday, July 08TH, 2011 by Guest


too bad for you, because in north italy argentinean,sicilian,roman and southern italian are not welcome,  90% of the "italian" around the world are from sicily or south italy, sicily is an island like hawaii in america that became part of italy 150 years ago. north italy border with austria,switzerland,slovenia and france. north italy is an alpine territory while south italy is mediterranean, sicilian and southern italian are not italian. italy is a nation not a race. south tyrol,bolzan,valle d'aosta,courmayeur,brianza,treviso,milan,veneto, and all the other north italian city
southern italian are not italian

Tuesday, July 12TH, 2011 by Guest

I think BRAZILIANS are much alike....heh! heh!

Thursday, July 14TH, 2011 by Guest

Civilization and culture in the western world has brought by the Ancient Rome. Certainly
not has brought by the Gauls, Huns,
Vandals, Ostrogoths or by the ragged farmers
of northern Italy that at that time were cracked
by blows very well
and that were cleared only by the Roman civilization and culture. And now they want revenge.
Before the unification of Italy the
kingdom of the Two Sicilies
was the fourth of the world maritime power, had industries
and technologies that were at the
forefront in Europe and
the World. The Savoy, at that
time were full of debts,
do you think that they could took the trouble to conquer the south if  it were a bad deal?
They succeeded because there were no more Kings like Charles and Ferdinand II
and becouse England and France
sponsored the Savoy with Freemasonry so that they could bribe the most important Bourbon officials, and convince the Mafia and the Camorra
not hinder them. If
the Italians behave like today
is just because they have been unable rulers as
the Savoy and those who have followed in the past 60 years that has been too careful to protect the economy of the north, improved plundering the South, that to bring order to the south
with all possible methods, that Bourbon
knew how to do
well. The Bourbons would never been able to govern the peoples who lived
beyond the river Po,
because they were not Italian, for them it would go very
well Hitler that was a ignorant painter of
their own race.

Thursday, August 04TH, 2011 by Guest

romanians are who are EU?