Risky Italian Breakfasts

Those Italian Troubles
Those Italian Troubles
Italian Breakfast


Italians have bad breakfast habits according to experts in Milano, Italy. The results found from studies are not so calming. Our physical and mental capabilities strongly depend on our first meal of the day, not to mention those negative consequences that often creep up along side a non-nourishing breakfast. Breakfast should be eaten in a pleasant fashion, calmly in our own home, sitting at the table. Those who do not follow a healthy regimen, will often be found to suffer later on in life; from obesity, or have a higher tendency of taking up the habit of smoking or alcohol abuse.


Whoever does not have an adequate breakfast and above all, not a balanced one, risks are 4x's greater for obesity. This is an alarm coming from Italian experts reunited in Milano presenting "Handbook on the First Meal of the Day. They discovered that our physical and intellectual performance throughout the day depends on our first daily meal.


And for those that skip breakfast when young often end up turning to smoking or alcohol use.


"Our report of Italians at breakfast time is good, but not perfect," says Michele Carruba, the director of "Central Studies and Research of Obesity at the University of Milano" and past president of the Italian Society of Obesity (SIO).


9 out of 10 breakfasters declare to have a regular first meal in the morning. But 15% limit themselves to 1 espresso, 25% to a cappuccino and croissant, the "Classic Italian Breakfast" at the local coffee shop.


Second to experts, breakfast would be better consumed in your home at the table, and better to be an every morning ritual for those taking the necessary time to do so.


Our metabolism, explains Andrea Poli (director of Scientific Nutrition Foundation of Italy), is not adapted to substain a prolonged fasting; the 16 hours or so that separate our last dinner and the next day's lunch force our bodies to tap into our "Emergency Energy Reserves" tank that instead is better to avoid doing, most importantly for children.


Giuseppe Banderali pediatric at the San Paolo Hospital in Milano, conferms that children who have a regular balanced breakfast in the morning have a ratio mass of body material, abdominal circumference, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels much lower compared to those who do not have a decent breakfast.


"The first meal of the day", says Banderali, "is the one of the most fundamental moments of every day for every child and every adult" and official statistics say that young adults who leap out of bed and skip their breakfast are more likely to pick up the habits of drinking and smoking, and tend to not get a sufficient amount of physical exercise.


What then would the ideal breakfast consist of?


You must provide yourself with 15-20% of required daily calories in your breakfast alone. It must be comprised of always: milk or yogurt, cereals, whole grain breads and or biscuits, fresh fruits and/or freshly squeezed fruit juices.


By Jackelin J.Jarvis