How to get in touch with Italian cooking

How to get in touch with Italian cooking

Italy is probably the best country in the world when it comes to food: italian cuisine never goes out of fashion and its dishes are classic staples of many a dining experience.

In the last few years,  much of Italian television has turned its attention to cooking, which resulted in an enormous amount of cooking shows produced for both public and private channels. Even if some are based on competitions between experienced and non-experienced cooks, the main aim is basically the same: giving recipes and advice to the audience. Here is a list of some of the most famous cooking programs in Italy:

- Chef per un giorno. In this program a celebrity or famous Italian person invents and cooks a menu that will be served to customers in a restaurant in Rome. Experts will have to try to understand who is behind the doors of the restaurant's kitchen. It is broadcast on the channel LA7

- Gambero rosso channel. It is a channel completely dedicated to the world of food and wine, including a lot of recipes and advice coming from this world.

- Eat parade. It is a program of the news Tg2, on Rai2, that aims at exploring typical products, wine and food  of Italy.

- Gusto TG5 always suggests a recipe at the end of the news Tg5.

- Terra e sapori is another broadcasting coming after the news Tg1, introducing new recipes and food traditions to the audience.

- Linea verde is broadcast on RaiUno. This program is all about the world of Italian agriculture, wine and food.

- Mela verde is broadcast on rete4 and it explores the whole world of food and wine through organized itineraries, all aiming at discovering culinary Italy.

- la prova del cuoco is perhaps the most famous cooking program in Italy. It lasts an hour and a half and, after several recipies and suggestions, two teams compete by preparing some dishes: the one that cooks the best will win.

Italian cooking courses

Italian food is widely appreciated all over the world and it is unlikely to find someone who has never tasted it. However, when you are abroad you should never trust the freezed ready food in the supermarket or that of fake Italian restaurants.

If you have eaten authentic Italian food and you would like to learn how to cook it- leaving the role of the eater and playing that of the cook- you could enrol to a cooking course when you are in the country.


There are currently a lot of courses in Italy where people working in the field teach how to make Italian-style dishes and some of them are specializing in one specific sector day by day. If you are interested in a general course that will allow you to learn the basic instruments in order to get the main tools to cook the Italian way, Tuscany is very famous for organizing cooking classes or whole weekends during which there will be demonstrations and training.


Baking is usually taught separately, in courses on the art of Italian pasticceria. However, in the last few years, this area has been strongly influenced by American cake design, therefore, courses tend to focus not solely on "making" the cake, but also on how to decorate it properly.

In recent year, a new trend has taken up among gastro-tourists : having lunch or dinner with an Italian family. This is a way to experience not only good food, but also some true Italian warm hearted home atmosphere, all while learning how to cook. This is an original way to really get to know how life is lived in Italian kitchens and to breathe local culture, with local people.

Cooking programs or cooking lessons are two possible ways to learn how to make authentic Italian food. Several courses are organized all over Italy,but always make sure, unless you are fluent in Italian, to sign up for an English-speaking cooking class!