Italian Furniture Styles from Centuries Ago

Styles used from Ancient Times:

At present Giovanni is particularly interested in the style of the 18th century: the age of wealth, abundance but also enlightenment and knowledge. when we think about 1700, we immediately think of France and the "roi-soleil" whose eccentricity and extravagant tastes led to the creation of many different styles and forms of art.

The main stylistic elements dominating this unique century influenced art in general and furniture making in particular. the gilding mirrored the wealth and splendor of the time. eventually after many years of straight lines and sharp corners, the new rounded shapes were as harmonious as the melodies played during string and brass concertos typical in the age of enlightenment. with his art Giovanni brings roundness and harmony to the extreme. he uses a lot of traditional gilding and colors with a very strong visual impact.

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