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Mediterranean Style Gardens

Tips on Mediterranean Garden Style

Italian peninsulamap of regions

The Italian Peninsula is long, as I've mentioned before. It runs from cool mountain ranges in the north (the Dolomites), which host wild azaleas and delphiniums- to scorching, baron, almost desert like terrains in the south, hosting some spectacular wild cacti and succulents.

cactus cactus

This, essentially, North African climate is able to support many of the beautiful cacti and succulents from all over the world, like the magnificently architectural Agave ferox...

plant italy cactus italy cactus italy

Or the infamously medicinal Aloe vera...

Aloe vera plant Aloe vera plantAloe vera gel

These spectacular plants can be combined with other, more classic, Mediterranean plants like...

pretty plants pretty plants pretty plants italy pretty plants yellow

Or like these...

mediterranean garden mediterranean garden mediterranean garden mediterranean garden create original, completely Italian and low water gardens- like these...

italian garden cactus in garden

Or one can choose to combine all of these styles, add some romantic touches like roses and lavender and come up with something like this...

tuscan garden

The choice is clearly... yours.

What do you think ?