How to Look For a Job in Italy

In Italy, just as in the United States, quite a diverse set of tools  can be used when looking for a job . While different natures and strategies, these days such tools have a common link: the internet. The internet has become an invaluable tool when job searching: along with online job postings, one can also go through newspapers, employment exchanges, information centers, employment agencies and the Chamber of Commerce.


Before the dawn of the internet the Wanted ads in newspapers were the biggest source of job leads. These days, newspapers are still a good source, but most of the younger generation often uses the online classifieds section.


Job announcements are posted on specific days of the week in local and national newspapers. Most of them have a free online version with a section called vacancies or job (lavoro) that you can obviously visit from every corner of the world. Some national newspapers also have a supplement. Il Corriere della Sera, for instance, has a work supplement called Corriere Lavoro that comes out every Friday, and Il Sole 24 Ore has a supplement called Lavoro & Carriere, which comes out every Friday, too. In addition to this, each region of Italy has its own local newspaper with a special section for people who are looking for a job in their local area. Using one of these resources will help you target your job search if you're looking to settle in a particular area.

Employment exchanges are also a useful instrument for job searching. Job offers are divided into skilled work, unprofessional work, semi-skilled work and unskilled work. Employment exchanges are offices spread all over the regions of Italy; those who are looking for a job can go there and leave their data in order to be called back if there is a job suitable for their skills. In order to register as unemployed, people must have the so-called libretto di lavoro (a document recording a worker's personal details and any previous employment) issued by the Registry Office of their place of residence. If you're a foreigner looking to make use of these services you must make sure you have all the necessary documents and permits to allow you to work in Italy. Moreover, local information centers (informagiovani) give information regarding vacancies and they also include teaching and training offers.

Employment agencies are spreading like wildfire in every part of Italy; at first they were mainly foreign agencies but now a huge number of Italian companies are working in this field. They help people to find the right job according to their qualifications, and they also have an online version where you can complete all the necessary records and send an online request.

The Chamber of Commerce (Camera di Commercio) is also another way to look for a job and it usually has links with some websites that connect people directly to it.


Last but not least, there is the Internet. It is certainly your best tool when looking for a job. Not only is the internet cheap, easy to use and convenient, but it seems to be also the place where the majority of companies go when looking for employees. Search engines allow people to find a job easily thanks to the use of key words like lavoro in Italia (work in Italy) or offerte di lavoro in Italia (job offers in Italy) or cerco lavoro in Italia (I am looking for a job in Italy). Moreover, the internet is important because it allows people to put themselves forth as candidates by sending their resume through email.

All of these are great resources if you're looking for a job in Italy. With some legwork and a little patience you'll likely find what you're looking for. A great idea to help the process along is to get some good letters of recommendation describing your skills and experience that will help potential employers to see how you could benefit their business.




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