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How to prepare pasta all amatriciana.
Italian Food Recipes
Thursday, March 06TH, 2014 by admin
Your online Italian cooking book! See also our Italian Food Recipes database. After reading articles upon articles about Italian food, it's now time to try and make your own dishes, Italian style. There are lots of original and traditional Italian recipes out there, but our Italian food recipes are authentic Italian food recipes written by Italians, living in Italy. So in these pages you'll find recipes the way they are made in Italy, not some vague recollection of how nana did it, using parsley instead of oregano, because it's easier to find. Can this old-world culinary sensibility...
Monday, April 12TH, 2010 by paolo
The Rite of Spring - Asparagus The Spring Time Sorcery In the springtime, when a young man's fancy turns to baseball, mine turns to asparagus, that most regal (as evidenced by its crown like tip) of all vegetables. Unlike truffles, (autumn's thrill) which can only be afforded once or twice a year and are limited in their preparation, asparagus fits all budgets and palates; and the recipes are endless. Asparagus   Soon asparagus will become ubiquitous in supermarkets and fruit and vegetable stands at a reasonable price. Over and over I restate a simple philosophy, "let nature...
Pasta all' Amatriciana
Wednesday, March 03TH, 2010 by admin
  Amatriciana SauceThe food purists of Rome know the answer to this question, however outside of this elite group the rest of the universe seems to be divided on the answer. The recipe that brings this debate to the forefront is one of the most famous dishes to spring from the kitchens of Rome and the surrounding Lazio region, all'amatriciana. The name of this recipe alone engenders debate--is it all'amatriciana or la matriciana? These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same.  Today's recipe is for all'amatriciana, which uses tomato and a cured pork ingredient known...
Piadina Romagnola
Monday, January 11TH, 2010 by Anonymous
Piadina Romagnola The Piadina Romagnola has a long connection with the history of the people of Romagna. This old traditional "bread" recipe has become, with the passing of time, a traditional dish can make a name for itself in modern cooking society - from bread of the poor to a mass produced snackfood loved by many. Yesterday, it was the food of the poor. Today the most refined palates also appreciate it. The Italian dish called "Piadina Romagnola" has been a poetic inspiration for a series of famous writers, such as Aldo Zama, Aldo Spallicci, Sea Moretti and Giovanni Pascoli who, having...
Bagna Cauda
Tuesday, December 15TH, 2009 by ancos
Bagna Cauda The history of this dish, which originates in Piedmont can be considered an example of how and why - in times long past - regional dishes are born from real life.  It is said that the wine farmers of the late Middle Ages needed a special, exotic, dish to celebrate an important event for them, the draft of the new wine. The event marked the success of the most troubled, most tiring and most insidious harvest of the year - the wine grapes. It seems also that one tried, with some social polemic, to adopt and promote a festive dish that was rustic and folksy, tasty and strong, in...
Wednesday, December 09TH, 2009 by ancos
Bruschetta with small tomatoes The word "bruschetta" has its origins in central Italy, and it's a slice of toasted bread. Toasting the bread on the grill gives it a particular fragrance, but with an oven or a broiler you can obtain the same good result. It's believed that this poor man's food was born as a snack for the workers in the fields. It was prepared with homemade, sometimes, stale bread, and flavored with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and tomato. These are the basic ingredients of bruschetta. However today, the ways to prepare it and variations in circulation are truly endless...
Frittelle di Fiore di Sambuco
Saturday, May 30TH, 2009 by admin
Piedmont It is spring in Piedmont and the Sambuco trees are blossoming. Sambuco is the Italian common name for the European Black Elderberry, identified by its scientific name as Sambucus Nigra L. .The Sambuco tree-bush, produces beautiful tiny white blossoms whose sweet fragrance is swept by fresh breezes throughout the hills of the Monferrato countryside of Piedmont during the month of May. The Piedmontese kitchen boasts a wonderful springtime floral delicacy: preparing the fresh Sambuco blossoms for a pancake-like dessert called Frittelle di Fiore di Sambuco—enjoyed in Italy already since...