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Useful vocabulary for sunny days in Italy
Tuesday, July 30TH, 2013 by Anna De Filippo
Useful vocabulary for sunny days in Italy When going to Italy during the summer, some ‘seasonal’ terms can turn out to be quite useful for those who want to plunge into Italian culture, as well as into the deep blue Italian sea. By doing so, you'll be able to get familiar with local culture...
How to express opinion
Wednesday, May 01TH, 2013 by
How to express opinion, agreement, disagreement, advice and suggestions in Italian   Expressing an opinion, agreeing or not with somebody, giving or asking for advice are all common, everyday actions, which are described in Italian, as in every language, by a special vocabulary. Here are some...
Christmas Vocabulary
Sunday, December 23TH, 2012 by Anna De Filippo
Useful vocabulary for your Christmas holidays: some key words you should know in Italian. If you  have decided to go on holiday to Italy around Christmas time, there are some words you absolutely need to know and recognize. Here is a list of the most common Italian words related to Christmas....
Dating conversation
Wednesday, July 11TH, 2012 by
Dating conversation During a date is sometimes difficult to start a conversation, as it may require more confidence than usual: if you are out on the town together, it means you probably like each other already, but a good chat may help to get to know each other better. Generally speaking, being...
English communication in Italy
Wednesday, July 11TH, 2012 by Anna De Filippo
English communication in Italy Io no speak English is the title of an Italian movie reflecting the conditions of a lot of Italians who can't speak English very well. It is simply a film, but what is the real situation about Italians speaking English? Nowadays English is regarded; in Italy, and...
Ordering Pizza
Thursday, May 17TH, 2012 by
I think pizza is the most popular dish around the world. Most people think pizza has Italian origins and this is mostly true, but the dish may have some very ancient roots, indeed. The Persians were probably the first to put vegetables on large slices of bread and it appears they introduced the...
Au-pair dialog In Italian
Wednesday, March 21TH, 2012 by
  Au-pair girl dialogSummer is just around the corner and for many young people the  biggest problem is : how to earn money, gather some experience abroad, and learn or improve another language at the same time.Working as an au-pair is the most economical way to live abroad: accommodation and...
Italian for cooks
Saturday, February 11TH, 2012 by
Learning how to cook isn't too difficult! I noticed recently a bunch of cusine programmes on TV. At any hour of the day you can learn new recipes, new foods and above all master chef teach you how to cook. They are very popular and people love them, because they find challenging to cook...
Chiedere Scusa - How to Say You're Sorry in Italian
Thursday, December 01TH, 2011 by
Il comportamento cortese, la sua mancanza o le giustificazioni possono essere espressi con il linguaggio. Solitamente durante la conversazione affrontiamo diverse forme di saluto, quelle di congedo oppure certi modi che rivelano i rapporti fra gli interlocutori e possibilmente anche la cortesia....
Dialogue: How to Buy Clothes in Italy
Wednesday, November 16TH, 2011 by Anna De Filippo
Dialogue: How to Buy Clothes in Italy When you are in Italy you will find many different types of shops, in fact great shopping is one of the many things that Italy is famous for. There are two main types of shops selling clothes in Italy, big stores and small or "medium" shops. Big stores are...