This section of Life in Italy groups a set of suggested Itineraries and it is a good place to start if you wish to get some more inspiration about what to visit when coming to our beautiful country.

Here, you'll not only find articles about locations, but also about what each area of the country can offer you culturally, socially and from the point of view of its traditions. 

It's a perfect place to discover little gems of beauty you may not necessarily find on your typical tourist's websites. A perfect place to find out about the "real," most authentic Italy there is. 

If you'd prefer to go for an organized or guided visit to the country, we got you covered, too: check out our Italy Tours section!


Bicycling in Tuscany
Saturday, May 10TH, 2014 by admin
Travel by Bike in Italy Up until now, we have been talking about biking in terms of those big, powerful shiny machines that roar through the countryside. Now I am going to talk to you about traditional biking, that is, on a two wheel vehicle with pedals and transmission chains, that gets you to your destination after a lot of huffing and puffing, and honest-to-goodness exercise. But this is also the form of transport that gives you the time to look around and to savor the silence and beauty of your surroundings. One area where biking of the traditional sort is highly practiced is the...
Italy in One Week
Thursday, September 18TH, 2014 by admin
  Piazza del Popolo with the twin churches in Rome, a must-visit in a 7-day itinerary in Italy  Ph.   Many people coming to Italy for their holidays don't have a large amount of time and need a concise and effective itinerary allowing to visit the most significant places in the country, in as little as seven days.  This itinerary' ll help you get a good handle on some of Italy’s important places of interest. With a short amount of time, you’ll want to be prepared before travelling and have a well constr...
By Anna De Filippo   Italians would say anche l'occhio vuole la sua parte, appearance counts too, and colors certainly play a huge role when it comes to it. When traveling through Italy, tourists can be sure of one thing, they'll never face the same view. The country offers a variety of landscapes, often associated to vibrant colors people hardly forget. When recalling a place, we all naturally tend to associate it to a particular smell, taste or, indeed, color: some locations shine through their vivacity and are known for the delightful mix of shades and hues they offer....
Touring Puglia
Tuesday, July 08TH, 2014 by
Vieste at dusk, on the coast of Puglia. Ph. flickr/castgen    Puglia (Apulia) is a major tourist destination in Italy. Its historical, artistic, religious, cultural, and natural assets make it an important destination for travelers driven by different impulses. It is impossible to conceive a tour that would reveal all of it in one go, unless you have more than a month to spend here and that would actually be a blessing! Otherwise, you should schedule at least a day for every one of the following places. Add a couple of days for relaxing on Puglia's wonderful beaches...
A tour of less known Tuscany
Sunday, June 15TH, 2014 by ancos
Lucca Duomo di San Martino by hiddedevries, on Flickr   Everyone knows Florence and the Chianti area, but there are lesser known, yet equally breathtaking places you can visit in Tuscany. Let me tell you about one of my favorite itineraries!  Lucca is the first stop of our tour of Tuscany and will be our home base. It is not the most central of all the locations of this tour, but this small city has a haunting, charming beauty, well worth a visit and, why not, a few days' stay.   Rick Steves shows us the beauty of Lucca   Tw...