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A Letter from Paolo Nascimbeni - Founder of Life In Italy

I moved to the US in 1987 to finish my studies in computer science in upstate NY, Ithaca, New York. After graduation, in 1989, I moved to the Washington DC area. I go back to Italy five times a year and I constantly talk with Italians and Italian companies for my business. Even though I left Italy several years ago, I am up to date on the life styles in both countries. A disclaimer: since I was born in Italy, my views are somewhat biased toward Italy!


Expats Living in Italy

Below please find a series of articles written by expats living in Italy. In Italy as an Artist was written by Leanne from South Africa. Suggestions about Studying in Italy comes from Ambra who hails from the US and Growing Up in Italy (as an Indian) was contributed by [insert writer] who hails from [ insert country].

In Italy as an Artist | Suggestions about Studying in Italy | Growing up in Italy (as an Indian)

Below is a short story by Kristy about her visit to Italy:

I have been to many other countries in Europe but Italy is by far the best. We flew in Fiumicino airport and one of my friends that lives there (native Italian) picked us up. If you ever have the chance to have a personal guide to Italy, take it, they know everything in and out, everything to see, and all of the cool underground stuff. We had major jet lag but we were in Italy! We went to a coffee shop immediately. I had a Panini sandwich and wow it was the best thing I have ever had, along with a cappuccino which was amazing. The server who made it for me, put a smiley face on it, shows how friendly the Italians are. I was never once treated with disrespect there. In total we spent two weeks there. We went to all the sites to see, clubs, and we also drove to the almalfi coast one of the most beautiful places I have even been to.

It is amazing how much Italy has to offer. My most favorite place that [I] went in Rome would have to be Villa d'este...they have beautiful gardens, statues, and wonderful scenery. Oh and girls the Italian men are the most gorgeous in the world! Go to clubs, or just walk down the street and there you will be sure to find hot Italian men. I am blonde and when I was there everyone kept saying how they liked my hair. It was different but it was an experience. Oh and transportation there, use the subway/metro, its cheap and goes everywhere. Overall my trip to Italy was one of the best experiences I have ever had! Italy is beautiful, has the best food, most fun, and the hottest guys!

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Tuesday, March 24TH, 2009 by Guest

I grew up in Santa Cruz, California. A place of surfing, beach parties and Italians. Santa Cruz was founded on the Italian fishing industry. As a young lass in my first employment, I used to sometimes drive out to the wharf before work and sit with the Italian fishermen, just back from fishing all night, for coffee and a pre-work laugh. They treated me like their daughter, bought me breakfast and coffee, always telling me to eat more. Once when walking my dog through De Lavega Park, the annual Italian picnic was in full swing, long tables filled with scrumptious food, wine, squealing children and laughter. Before I knew it, I was pulled in, sat down and food piled on my plate. I felt I was part of a family full of love and warmth, as only the Italians can do. At 23, I left America with a packpack and set off across Europe. I loved it. I looked about 16 though I had 23 years under my belt already, so when I hit Italy, the owners of the Pensions where I stayed, so worried about a ‘young girl’ traveling alone (they refused to believe I was 23), constantly foisted their relatives as chaperones when I ventured out at night, and fed me, always insisting I was too thin. I eventually opened a mo-ped business in Greece, moved around and ended up in England where I raised my two wonderful children. I have traveled the world extensively but have returned to Italy countless times, being the place that captured my heart. Now, at 55, I am determined to find a little place to rent and retire in Italy, perhaps making myself useful to someone teaching English to their children, who knows, but for me the perfect way to die is to eat myself to death in Italy which by far tops anywhere else on this planet for food, wine, weather and – most importantly – warmth of the people.

Tuesday, June 21TH, 2011 by Guest

i hope live in italy

Friday, September 30TH, 2011 by Guest

Living in Italy is N.O.T.H.I.N.G. like just visiting there. As with so many things in life, the reality is nothing like the dream, sadly. And those who actually believe that the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" has ANYTHING to do with the reality of being "la straniera" in Italy are buying into one big Hollywood fairytale. I lived there for 18 months and there are many things about Italy I love, love, love...other things, not so much.. but those who expect to experience Italy the same way they do as when they go for a visit are in for quite the awakening.

Tuesday, October 04TH, 2011 by Guest

 I like Italy, I am in a very far away country from Italy but I am daily working with my Italian partner. I really like their behavior.
I wish I have a chance to Italy.

Monday, November 07TH, 2011 by Guest

Italy Sucks - gerontocracy, old people everywhere, useless schools and college, high prices for everything - LONDON IS FUCKING CHEAPER and A LOT - people berates you if your not like them, they are ignorant, the only way to stay well in Italy is for one week of full relax, then you go back your country and your fine. Italy is a mucky place I recomend you for short periods of holiday only. Avoid living in Italy at all costs. It really sucks. I'm Italian and I know what I'm talking about: 18 years of hell is quite enough to me. I even found niggas' ghettos way better than Italy - in Italy if something bad happnes to you, the police force (Carabinieri) won't help you!

Thursday, April 05TH, 2012 by Guest

i have been travelling and working around Italy for the past year. I now live in Bologna. Living here depends on your strength of charector, attitude. Italy beats England. food, wine. beautiful buildings and beautiful men to look at ;) always makes me smile. beautiful. Warm people. when you want to live a dream, it's not suppose to be easy, but it's those that stick it out that find happiness, there have been a few times when it was really tough and I seriously thought about coming back to England, but i'm glad I didn't, dolce vita :)