Italians on holiday

2012 trends and choices
2012 trends and choices

Italians on holiday: 2012 trends and choices

Italians love travelling and having fun. Summer, when cities are too hot,  is certainly the right moment to go on holiday.

Italy is often one of the favourite destinations for foreign tourists, who choose it as the ideal place to combine  sun, sea and monuments with shopping, food and  wine. But what do Italians go for when it's time to choose a holiday destination?

An Italian beach

It seems this year is characterized by a common choice:  staying in Italy. It appears indeed that the vast majority of people have decided not to go abroad. The main reason can be clearly detected: the economic factor. Actually, the average Italian does not want to spend too much money on holiday and going abroad might imply high costs, among which the highest is usually the flight.

Another reason Italians seem to favor their own country is a lack of ability in adapting to a foreign place. Italians are generally not too keen on foreign food and a lot of them, especially the older generations, think that communicating in another language can represent a real obstacle.

Usually,  the sea is preferred to mountains, countryside and lakes; Italians are also quite demanding when it comes to accommodation and facilities, as they put comfort above everything else.

Surveys confirm Italians haven't changed much when it comes to their favorite destinations:  Sardinia and Tuscany remain on top of their choices. When it comes to holidaying abroad, London has gained further consent, also thanks to the Olympic games, while Greece has lost some positions compared to the past (in 2011 7.6% of Italians chose Greece,  compared to 6% in 2012). Lower is the percentage of Italians travelling to the tropics and the Carabbean, especially because of the high costs of this type of journey. In fact,Italians are not particularly fond of planes: they prefer using their car, despite the increase in the cost of petrol.

And then, there are those who have decided not to travel at all: a staggering 20 millions of Italians are not going on holidays at all. However, this figure also includes those who already live in touristic areas,  and do not wish to go anywhere else (around 8 millions of Italians).

Even if the summer season has only just begun, a pattern seems to have already appear:

34.5% of people will go back to the same place they went to last year;

14.7% of people would like to go abroad but they can't afford it;

3.7% of people have decided to go abroad, but to closer destinations like Croatia or Greece;

1.1% of people have decided to reach farthest destinations;

6.7% of people have decided to stay in Italy, but they will go camping;

3% of people will go on a cruise despite the recent tragedy of  the Costa Concordia.

The rest has not decided, yet.



Overall, Italians remain quite conservatives when it comes to travelling. They like comfort and they want to keep their habits and eat their food. What has certainly changed is how they choose, as   they prefer spending less due to the current financial situation. This is certainly one of the reasons behind the rise of local and Italian holidays this summer: hopefully such increase will give the economy a much needed boost.