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Italians on holiday

2015 trends and choices
2015 trends and choices

Italians on holiday: 2015 trends and choices

We all love going on holiday, but economic difficulties, along with lack of time, makes it sometimes hard to choose the right place. Most Italians, as everyone else in the world, plan their Summer holidays well in advance to avail of special offers; others wait last minute deals to book the perfect vacation. But what are Italians doing this Summer, where are they going and is there anything new in their holiday habits?

Let's see.


Summer 2015: the trends

First of all, which are our favorite holiday locations this year? Well, the crisis still weights heavily on people's pockets, so a large chunk of Italians choose locations within national borders. Sicily is in pole position this Summer, as it presents a perfect mix of culture, sun and good food. Puglia, especially the Salento, is also a popular destination and Sardegna, as usual, remains a coveted holiday location for many. 

As you can see, Italians, this Summer, tend to choose the sea: booking in Alpine areas and resorts have diminished – albeit only marginally – compared to last year. However, Trentino Alto Adige and the Dolomites still maintain a good level of touristic presence. 

Even if Italian holidays seem to be the biggest trend this year, many still choose foreign countries for their vacations. For those into sun and sea based relax, Spain and Greece are a must. Because of its dire economic and social situation, however, Greece has witnessed a rapid decrease in bookings and, alas, plenty of cancellations.

Another popular foreign destination this year is France: the ever loved and charming Paris, of course, but also its northern areas of Normandy and Brittany have proven to be especially attractive to Italians. For those seeking some relief from our – at times too hot – sun, the British Islands remain a favored holiday target. Young people are particularly fond of summers in London and Dublin, cities where they can live in strict contact with the newest trends and enjoy a lively atmosphere. 

For those with a bit more cash in their wallet, overseas destinations are a must: not only the US (always a popular choice among Italians) but also South America and South Africa.


A beautiful view of Vendicari, in Sicily: the island remains one of Italians' favored holiday destinations 
(Antonio Cinotti/flickr) short...

According to recent polls carried out by Ispos on behalf of the Gruppo Europ Assistance, Italians this year: 

  • will go on holiday with a percentage of 60% of their total number: this is an increase of 8% compared with 2014
  • ...but with a budget reduced of almost 100 euro (110 USD)
  • prefer the sea, with 71% of them choosing a seaside destination for their holidays
  • love eating local, with 82% of Italians stating they enjoy local cuisine wherever they go


Saving is the (not so new) trend of 2015

As we said, money is an ever worrying issue for Italians. Our economy is not doing well and this affects also the way we travel. Saving as much as possible on luxuries such as vacations has become a must, all without forgetting or renouncing to commodities and comfort: we Italians like things done properly and like our holidays to be as lovely and relaxing as possible. You will hardly find an Italian (unless younger and more adventurous) rejoicing at the idea of spending a holiday in a 10 USD a night hostel with communal showers.

Loveliness, cleanliness and prettiness remain high in the holidaying Italian list of must-haves when on vacation. In order to get it all, but at a fraction of the price, Italians have been booking their trips well in advance. Thanks to dedicated websites this has become easier and easier, a factor which brought online booking on top of Italy's preferences: this is pretty impressive, considering we Italians are among the least computer litterate people in the world. 

2015 has seen the rise of other saving trends: car sharing, for instance, seems to be popular among younger holidaymakers and so is house swapping. Mind, though, these things are not for all and only about 20-30% of us do consider these options. 


Some suggestions if you want to holiday in Italy

Well, choosing a place to go on vacation is a very personal affair, as each one of us relaxes differently and in different places, but we at lifeinitaly are supporters of all that is less touristy and more authentic.

Take a look, for instance, at countryside locations instead of the sea or the mountains: there are amazingly beautiful spots on the Italian hills where you could relax, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, history, art and good food. Pick less famous locations, too: instead of highly touristic regions like Toscana or Umbria, check out Piemonte, Veneto or Marche, all beautiful areas of our country, but less expensive because not as known. 


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The hills of Piemonte could be a lovely alternative destination for your Summer holiday 


The same stands if you want a mountain or beach vacation: when it comes to the sea, the South of Italy tends to be cheaper than the North, but very touristic areas can be just as expensive. If you are looking for the cool and scents of the Alps, try the mountains of Piemonte instead of Trentino Alto-Adige and you may manage to save a bit. 

If you are into good, traditional food, you could consider a holiday dedicated to sagre, traditional food fairs very popular in Italy in the Summer months. 


Italy is all beautiful and thanks to its variety of landscape and traditions there is really something for everyone, even for those on a budget. Don't be afraid of doing a bit of ground research before booking, also through our articles on itineraries or regional destinations, through which you may get some interesting ideas about what to do this Summer in the Bel Paese!


A dreamy shot of Asolo, in Veneto. Veneto is an amazing region, whose hills and plains could be 
a perfect destination for a  less crowded, but just as amazing vacation (maria antonietta/flickr)


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