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Italian Car Model

Sunday, December 23TH, 2012 by
Ape (Photo from Wikipedia) American tourists, being used to large pick-up trucks are always amazed when they see this little micro truck roaming around all the small towns in Italy. This micro truck has been an essential business transportation since post WW2 in Italy. Outside the main...
Giulietta 1300
Monday, January 24TH, 2011 by
In 1964 Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo introduced a range of small cars: the Giulia 1300, 1300TI and the 1300 Super. These three versions of the Giulia all came in a four-door design and a version of a twin-cam 1290 cc engine. The cars came with five-speed transmission and front disc brakes...
Lancia Flavia
Saturday, January 22TH, 2011 by
Lancia Flavia 1967 The Lancia Flavia was a medium-sized luxury car first launched at the Turin Motor Show in 1960 with a 1500 cc engine. The car was manufactured by Lancia and by 1961 would be introduced into all major European markets. The Cabriolet and Coupe versions, developed by Pininfarina,...
Fiat 128
Monday, January 03TH, 2011 by
An alternative to many of the smaller models produced by Fiat, the 128 is a car designed for families. Launched in 1969 the 128 was to be produced until 1985. Though the overall look and styling of the car was quite similar to both the Fiat 124 and Fiat 125, the 128 was very influential because of...
Fiat 127
Tuesday, December 28TH, 2010 by
Fiat 127 - Photo Courtesy of SSt/Wikimedia The Fiat 127 first appeared in the Italian marketplace in 1971 to replace the popular 850 model. The Fiat 127 was to be produced until 1983 when it was replaced by the Fiat Uno. Originally the 127 was only available as a two-door and it would later be...
Fiat 600
Tuesday, December 28TH, 2010 by
Fiat 600 D - 1955 - Photo Courtesy of selbst/Wikimedia The Fiat 600 (Seicento in Italian) is a city car first built by the Italian car manufacturer Fiat in 1955. Production of the 600, the first rear engine car of its time, continued until 1969. When it was first launched, the diminutive 600 (it...
Fiat 850
Monday, January 18TH, 2010 by
  1973 FIAT 850 Sport Spider The Fiat 850 is a small rear wheel drive car with a rear engine, which was produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat from 1964 to 1973. At the time the car was first launched, Fiat was already a largely popular car maker with successful models in Italy and other parts...
Fiat 126
Monday, January 18TH, 2010 by
    Fiat 126 - Photo courtesy of Camilla_Giribardi/WikimediaFiat 126 is a small city car that was first been launched in 1972 at the Turin Motor Show. The highly popular Fiat 500 was replaced by the Fiat 126. Later on the Fiat 126 was replaced by the Fiat Cinquecento, which was a front engine, in...
Fiat Topolino 500
Monday, January 18TH, 2010 by
  Fiat Topolino 500 - 1939 - Photo courtesy of Friviere/Wikimedia   Topolino or "Little Mouse" is the nickname given to the Fiat 500, which was the smallest car in the world when it was first produced in 1937. The last 500 came off the line in 1975, and today the tiny machines have become ...
Lancia Fulvia
Monday, January 18TH, 2010 by
  Lancia Fulvia Coupè 1,6 HF 1971 - Rally del Corallo, Sardinia, 2009   At the 1963 Geneva Motor Show the Italian car manufacturer Lancia introduced the Fulvia, a model they would produce until 1976. Fulvia cars are well known in automobile history and won the International Rally Championship in...