Films Set in Italy
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Italian Backdrop: Films Set in Italy From "Roman Holiday" to "The Merchant of Venice"   Roman Holiday, one of the most famous movies set in Rome   Few places can match Italy for natural beauty: while Italy's countryside exudes charm, Italian cities show off their...
Italian Actors
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In this section you will find some info about the most successful and beloved Italian actors. The list is not complete, if you have a favorite actor that is not listed here, leave a comment!   In the picture: Isabella Rossellini in a stamp from Benin. Ph. credit:
Italian Cinema from A-Z
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Antonioni to Zavattini: The essential A-Z of Italian Cinema   Fountain scene from La Dolce Vita   Antonioni, Michelangelo: Antonioni was born in Ferrara in 1912, and became a fashionable director in the 60s. He is also celebrated as an author, a screenwriter and painter and is...
Italians that Have Won an Oscar
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We've compiled a list of some of the talented Italians who have won the Academy Awards over the years: Best Director: Frank Capra, although he would go on to become an American citizen, was born in Italy. The director won Academy Awards for such classics as "It Happened One...
Italian Films that won an Oscar
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  Italy is a country that historically has given a lot to the art of filmmaking and Americans have always been fascinated by "Cinema Italiano", finding it inspiring and its craftsmanship unique. Of course, the Academy has also been very receptive to the films produced by Italy and indeed, as...
10 Movie and TV moments featuring Italian cars
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Poster of "The Graduate" Italian movies from the 50s & the 60s Clearly, Italian films of that period featured many Italian cars, and represent a true archive of classic models, which have become highly collectable. They are a great way to see them in motion today, when it became almost...
Film dubbing
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Woody Allen Voice: Oreste Lionello   Italy has a long and strong tradition in film dubbing and lip sync, to the point that it has probably developed the most important class of "dubbers" in the world. It all started with the first Italian films, where expressive actors who were not...
The 'Theorem' of Pier Paolo Pasolini's Death
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A murder, an unsolved mystery and a book are all part of an event that still endures in the minds of Italians.     From the 14th of October, the Barbican Theatre will host a new controversial staging of a classical European literary work. Based on the work of the Italian writer,...
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Italian Movies - Cinema Italiano It is a mostly unknown fact that motion pictures were invented by an Italian. Inventor Filoteo Alberini is one of the pioneers of cinema. In 1894 he build a machine called Cinetografo (or Kinetograph), that he used to record, develop and project motion pictures....
Italian Legends of the Silver Screen
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  Sophia Loren The world of acting stretches far beyond the sound stages of Beverly Hills and picturesque film locations across Europe. Many of the world's most famous and well-known actors and actresses are of Italian descent, but here are a few Italian-born contributors who have added...