Cinema Italiano

Films Set in Italy
Thursday, September 04TH, 2014 by
Italian Backdrop: Films Set in Italy From "Roman Holiday" to "The Merchant of Venice"   Roman Holiday, one of the most famous movies set in Rome   Few places can match Italy for natural beauty: while Italy's countryside exudes charm, Italian cities show off their...
Italian Actors
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In this section you will find some info about the most successful and beloved Italian actors. The list is not complete, if you have a favorite actor that is not listed here, leave a comment!   In the picture: Isabella Rossellini in a stamp from Benin. Ph. credit:
Italian Cinema from A-Z
Tuesday, June 17TH, 2014 by
Antonioni to Zavattini: The essential A-Z of Italian Cinema   Fountain scene from La Dolce Vita   Antonioni, Michelangelo: Antonioni was born in Ferrara in 1912, and became a fashionable director in the 60s. He is also celebrated as an author, a screenwriter and painter and is...
Italian Comedies
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  I believe Italian movies are essential to understand how Italians live life. La commedia all' Italiana shows Italy in its most typical behaviours and attitudes, at times bringing them to the extreme, yet always with a touch of irony and a lot of poetic flair.     Read our intro...
Film dubbing
Wednesday, December 22TH, 2010 by
Woody Allen Voice: Oreste Lionello   Italy has a long and strong tradition in film dubbing and lip sync, to the point that it has probably developed the most important class of "dubbers" in the world. It all started with the first Italian films, where expressive actors who were not...
Italian Neorealism
Saturday, October 16TH, 2010 by
Italian Neorealism   Neorealim: Ladri di Biciclette Before the end of World War II and the fall of Mussolini's Fascist regime a different genre of Italian cinema emerged called Neorealism. The movement began in 1942 and took off in 1943. When the war ended Italy did not simply bounce back with...
The era of Italian comedy
Friday, October 15TH, 2010 by
  Italian Comedy emerged in Italy in the second half of the 1950s and later developed in the 1960s and ‘70s. It indicated a happy period when Italy produced many different kinds of comedy, all sharing common features such as satire, bourgeois settings, and characterized by a bittersweet approach...
Italian cinema between the World Wars
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Scene from Thais   Italy was the first country to create an avant-garde movement in film, Futurism. The Manifesto of Futurist cinema dates back to 1916 (though some experiments were occurring before then) and was signed by, among others, Filippo Marinetti, Armando Ginna, Bruno Corra,...
Italian B Movies
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The so-called B movies of 1960s and 1970s Italian cinema have recently seen a revival, thanks largely to Quentin Tarantino and our culture's post-modern tendency of digging out all that is old--especially the trashy--and making it new again. In fact, the trashier the better. In the...
The origins of Italian cinema
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Moloch's Temple in Cabiria (from Wikipedia)   Like many other countries, the first films Italy produced were documentaries. Unlike today's, they were only a few seconds long and filmed with a simple camera; the subject matter was the news and celebrities of their time, mostly kings, emperors and...