Italian Actors

La Bella Bellucci
Wednesday, October 01TH, 2014 by
Monica Bellucci   She stripped naked to protest against harsh laws restricting IVF in Italy which are based on Catholic principles, has no qualms about appearing nude, and is an agnostic, but Monica Bellucci agreed to star in Mel Gibson's very Catholic movie, The Passion of the Christ...
Italian Actors
Wednesday, August 27TH, 2014 by
In this section you will find some info about the most successful and beloved Italian actors. The list is not complete, if you have a favorite actor that is not listed here, leave a comment!   In the picture: Isabella Rossellini in a stamp from Benin. Ph. credit:
Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo
Monday, August 12TH, 2013 by
Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo   Italian cinema has been always labeled as intellectual and artistic, deep in its content and a benchmark for many filmmakers. Masters like De Sica and Rossellini created the neorealism that became worshipped by Hollywood and studied in every...
Alberto Sordi
Thursday, March 15TH, 2012 by Anna De Filippo
Alberto Sordi: The National Albertone "Maccarone, m'hai provocato e io ti distruggo adesso, maccarone! Io me te magno, ahmm!". (Said in a Roman accent: "Pasta, you provoked me and I’ll destroy you now,pasta! I'm going to eat you, ahmm!") When faced with a plate of pasta, many Italians would...
Lino Banfi
Friday, January 06TH, 2012 by Anna De Filippo
  Talk to an Italian about the renowned commedia sexy all'italiana, the Italian sexy slapstick style comedy, and you will likely find out the first name coming to their mind is Lino Banfi. Banfi, who is closely associated with Edwige Fenech, has successfully acted in many movies of this...
Friday, November 18TH, 2011 by Anna De Filippo
Totò: The Prince of Laughter Antonio De Curtis, or Totò as he is better known, is not well known outside of Italy, but in his home country is one of the most famous comedians in the history of television and film. Not surprisingly, Italians refer to Totò as the Prince of Laughter. Born in Naples...
Fantozzi: The Comic Symbol of the Italian Everyman
Thursday, November 10TH, 2011 by Anna De Filippo
Fantozzi: The Comic Symbol of the Italian Everyman If you go to Italy, you will sometimes hear people saying "Fare una fantozzata" or "Sei un Fantozzi". The term fantozzata is a neologism, included in many dictionaries, that is used by Italians to describe particular types of behavior inspired by...
Paolo Villaggio
Thursday, November 10TH, 2011 by Anna De Filippo
Paolo Villaggio is an Italian actor who became  famous especially thanks to his portrayal of the unfortunate and pathetic Fantozzi.     Villaggio is also a writer, a playwright, a showman,  a cabaret performer and a film director. He was born in Genoa in December 1932. Before...
Edwige Fenech
Tuesday, July 26TH, 2011 by
Those who fell in love with Edwige Fenech in the 70s will remember her sex appeal, her femininity and the actress' seductive French accent. The star of the erotic comedies that were once all the rage in Italy had both teenage boys and grown men falling head over heels from her, although some had...
Mario Carotenuto
Tuesday, July 26TH, 2011 by
  Mario Carotenuto     Mario Carotenuto was a Roman actor; an actor who with an expression or a glance would bring to life a certain Romanness that is typical of the streets of the eternal city. He was never a major leading star like Alberto Sordi or Marcello Mastroianni, however in his...