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Italian Actors

Thursday, December 1st, 2016
aldo giovanni e giacomo
Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo   Italian cinema has been always labeled as intellectual and artistic, deep in its content and a benchmark for many filmmakers. Masters like De Sica and Rossellini created the neorealism that became worshipped by Hollywood and studied in every single film school in the world. Despite this claim to fame, the genre that has captured Italian moviegoers for decades, and lined the pockets of producers, is comedy. Italian comedies are a bit different from your usual
Friday, August 5th, 2016
    Totò in the 1930s (wikimedia)   The legend of Totò Antonio De Curtis, better known as Totò, is not really popular outside of his home country, but here in Italy, he's a true legend. His name's largely associated with 1950's and 1960's comedy movies, however Totò marked with his talent also the evolution of theatre and was incredible also in dramatic roles. Totò's ubiquitous talent allowed him to put his hand also at singing, songwriting and writing: he was a
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016
edwige fenech
  Edwige Fenech   Those who fell in love with Edwige Fenech in the 70s will remember her sex appeal, her femininity and the actress' seductive French accent. Born in French Algeria in 1948 to a Maltese father and a Sicilian mother, the star of the erotic comedies that were once all the rage in Italy had both teenage boys and grown men falling head over heels from her, although some had to do it while hiding from their wives. The comedies that Fenech starred in had basic plots that were built
Thursday, March 17th, 2016
sophia loren
Sophia... Sophia: not many names evoke as many emotions in an Italian heart as Sophia. Of course, that is because we think of "la Loren." Growing up as I did with grandparents who witnessed her rise to fame when it happened, in the post-war, hope-filled Italy of the 1950s, I knew about her before even seeing her on the screen. Grandma thought Gina Lollobrigida was prettier and more gracious, but liked Sophia a lot, too, especially in "Pane, Amore e..." and "La Ciociara". Grandpa loved her. And
Friday, August 14th, 2015
italian movie legends
  The world of acting stretches far beyond the sound stages of Beverly Hills and picturesque film locations across Europe. Many of the world's most famous and well-known actors and actresses are of Italian descent, but here are a few Italian-born contributors who have added their flair to the world's entertainment catalog along with some impressive achievements.   Sofia Loren in the late 1950s (wikiwatcher1/wikimedia)   Giancarlo Giannini Born August 1, 1942 in La
Friday, August 14th, 2015
Fantozzi: The Comic Symbol of the Italian Everyman If you go to Italy, you will sometimes hear people saying "Fare una fantozzata" or "Sei un Fantozzi". The term fantozzata is a neologism, included in many dictionaries, that is used by Italians to describe particular types of behavior inspired by Fantozzi. And who, exactly, is Fantozzi? He is the literary and comedic character created and played by Italian actor Paolo Villaggio.   Fantozzi drives his Bianchina, in the first Fantozzi
Wednesday, August 12th, 2015
paolo villaggio
Paolo Villaggio is an Italian actor who became famous especially thanks to his portrayal of the unfortunate and pathetic Fantozzi.  Villaggio has been protagonist of more than 80 films, an amazing career for which he received, in 1992, the Leone D'Oro alla carriera and the Festival del Cinema di Venezia.  Villaggio is truly a complete artist: he is also a writer, a playwright, a showman,  a cabaret performer and a film director.   A recent photo of Paolo Villaggio
Wednesday, August 12th, 2015
carlo verdone
Carlo Verdone - Biography & Filmography Italian actor and director, Carlo Verdone   Carlo Verdone was born in Rome on November 17, 1950. His father, Mario Verdone, was a professor of cinema and a drama critic who passed along his love for theater to his child. With his younger brother Luca, Carlo would create Saturday night entertainment for family and friends based on celebrated Italian directors like Roberto Rossellini and Vittorio De Sica. He obtained his degree
Tuesday, August 4th, 2015
giovanna mezzogiorno
Giovanna Mezzogiorno   Italy had excellent actresses in the past, from the legendary Anna Magnani to Monica Vitti, but for a while the talented actress arena was pretty empty. Have you ever dreamt to get one special wish granted by a genie, something on the lines of 'you can marry whoever you want'?. Well, if such a thing were to happen, Giovanna Mezzogiorno would probably be my first choice (sorry Giovanna!).  Giovanna Mezzogiono, together with Margherita Buy and Asia
Tuesday, August 4th, 2015
Alberto Sordi
  Alberto Sordi in "Un giorno in pretura"   "Maccarone, m'hai provocato e io ti distruggo adesso, maccarone! Io me te magno, ahmm!". (Said in a Roman accent: "Pasta, you provoked me and I’ll destroy you now, pasta! I'm going to eat you, ahmm!")   When faced with a plate of pasta, many Italians would say or think of this sentence, first uttered by Alberto Sordi in the film Un Americano a Roma. It is one of the most famous lines in Italian popular consciousness, along
Monday, August 3rd, 2015
maria grazia cucinotta
  Sexy. Seductive. Voluptuous. Gorgeous. Exotic.   Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Ph. nicogenin on wikicommons   All of these adjectives have been used to identify the Sicilian-born screen goddess, Maria Grazia Cucinotta. They just don't come close. Maria Grazia Cucinotta is so much more than her face or her figure, which boasts impressive measurements of 39-25.5-35.5 Maria Grazia Cucinotta was born on July 27, 1969 in the town of Messina. She started out as a model in
Thursday, July 30th, 2015
maurizio nicheli
Maurizio Nichetti - Biography & Brief Filmography   Maurizio Nichetti   Maurizio Nichetti is one of Italy's best-loved comedic talents. Some consider him to be the 'Italian Woody Allen.' He was born in Milan on May 8, 1948. Nichetti was educated at the prestigious Leonardo Da Vinci Scientific School. He graduated with a degree in architecture in 1975. While still in school, he began preparing for his career in show business. He studied under Marise Flach, a pupil of
Monday, July 20th, 2015
claudia cardinale
Claudia Cardinale   "Cinema saved my life," Claudia Cardinale once said. The beautiful Tunisian-Italian had an excellent career starring in many highly-regarded European films, but her private life was traumatic.   Born in 1939 in Tunisia, Claudia's parents were Italian. Her education was French and she didn't grow up speaking Italian. When she was very young, however, she won a beauty contest and the prize was a trip to the Venice Film Festival. "I was helping my mother and
Thursday, July 16th, 2015
lino banfi
Lino Banfi. Ph. PM - Il Piccolo Missionario on wikimedia   Talk to an Italian about the renowned commedia sexy all'italiana, the Italian sexy slapstick style comedy, and you will likely find out the first name coming to their mind is Lino Banfi. Banfi, who is closely associated with Edwige Fenech, has successfully acted in many movies of this celebrated genre.   Lino Banfi, the pseudonym of Pasquale Zagari, is a famous Italian actor and TV presenter. He was born in
Thursday, July 16th, 2015
Massimo Troisi   "Comm'aggio accuminciato? Ecco... io ero 'nu guaglione... ero andato a vedere un grande film. Si trattava di Roma città aperta, chillo grande lavoro di Rossellini. Me n'ero uscito da o'cinema con tutte quelle immagini dint'a capa e tutte quante le emozioni dentro. Mi sono fermato 'nu mumento e m'aggio ditto... "Massimo, da grande tu devi fà 'o geometra".   Massimo Troisi, the famous Italian actor and screenplay writer, recalls watching the Rossellini
Wednesday, July 15th, 2015
  Now, I'm not the kind of woman who drools over celebrities. Not usually. Not unless you count the likes of Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Vincent Perez...Okay! I guess I do drool over sexy male celebrities. I may be married; but, my eyes are in perfect working order.   Raoul Bova   On February 2, 2006, Ansa, the Italian news organization, announced that Raoul Bova, who recently made the move from Rome to Hollywood to focus on his burgeoning international film
Monday, July 13th, 2015
mario carotenuto
  Mario Carotenuto   Mario Carotenuto (1915-1995) was a Roman actor; an actor who with an expression or a glance would bring to life a certain Romanness that is typical of the streets of the Eternal City. He was never a major leading star like Alberto Sordi or Marcello Mastroianni, however in his supporting roles he contributed to the famous era of Italian cinema, particularly comedies, that even competed with Hollywood back in the 50s and 60s. Like any other artist and actor of his generation
Monday, June 22nd, 2015
This section's dedicated to Cinema Italiano, Italian Cinema: from its history, to its main protagonists, we'll present you the Italian actors and actresses who made the history of the settima arte, along with its most legendary directors and titles, all while keeping an eye on the stars of Italian-American cinema, too.     
Wednesday, October 1st, 2014
monica bellucci
  She stripped naked to protest against harsh laws restricting IVF in Italy which are based on Catholic principles, has no qualms about appearing nude, and is an agnostic, yet  Monica Bellucci agreed to star in Mel Gibson's very Catholic movie, The Passion of the Christ (2004).   An intense portrait of Monica Bellucci (jingdianmeinv/flickr)   The beautiful, free-spirited Italian actress was born on September 30, 1964 in the village of Città
Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
In this section you will find some info about the most successful and beloved Italian actors.   Asia Argento Lino Banfi Monica Bellucci  Roberto Benigni Raoul Bova Margherita Buy Claudi Cardinale Mario Carotenuto Maria Grazia Cuccinotta Eleonora Duse Fantozzi - Paolo Villaggio  Edwige Fenech Serena Grandi Gina Lollobrigida Giovanna Mezzogiorno Sandra Mondaini e Raimondo Vianello Rosalba Neri Maurizio Nichetti Daria Nicolodi Alberto Sordi  Totò Massimo Troisi Carlo Verdone Aldo, Giovanni e
Friday, June 1st, 2012
Biography: Margherita Buy - A Celebrated Actress   Margherita Buy Margherita Buy is the face of the GASBI's (Genitori Associati Spina Bifida) folic acid campaign to prevent spina bifida. She's a mother of a little girl - her only child was born in 2001. She's the former wife of actor/director Sergio Rubini who she worked with on 1990's La Stazione (The Station). She's won several Donatello awards (Italian Oscars) and Silver Ribbons from the Italian National Syndicate of Film
Friday, June 1st, 2012
Born in Rome on September 20, 1975, Asia Maria Vittoria Rossa Argento's life has never been without controversy or drama. The local registry office would not acknowledge her as Asia due to a law remaining from Mussolini's Fascist Italy in which no child could be named after a foreign country or continent. She was therefore, re-named Aria. The independent actress prefers to use her original name; however. Asia is the daughter of famed Italian horror filmmaker, Dario Argento, and film
Friday, June 1st, 2012
The Muccino brothers: Gabriele (left) and Silvio (right) To many it may seem like the Golden Age of Italian cinema has passed, especially if the yardstick by which greatness is measured is participation in and relevance to international projects and markets. The time of actors like Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni and the great directors like Federico Fellini has passed, but the love they receive from Italians and those around the world lives on. Roberto Benigni, Oscar-winner for
Friday, June 1st, 2012
Gina Lollobrigida "A woman at 20 is like ice, at 30 she is warm and at 40 she is hot," Italian actress, Gina Lollobrigida once said. ( Most men would think that the 'Italian Sex Goddess', famous for her sultry looks and curvaceous figure was hot at any age. The only one who she failed to capture was Rock Hudson who 'fell asleep' when they became intimate, she told television interviewer, Larry King. 'It happens,' Lollobrigida said. The stunning actress, nicknamed 'Lollo', a
Friday, June 1st, 2012
Italy's Underappreciated Actress of the Silent Era   Eleonora Duse Her fans once included the likes of James Joyce, Anton Chekhov, Henrik Ibsen and Charlie Chaplin, but even today, Eleonora Duse, the great rival of Sarah Bernhardt, enjoys a profound acclaim though nearly all footage of her performances have been lost to time. Born October 3, 1858 in Vigevano, Italy, to a family of actors, Duse went on to enjoy a sensational acting career and made a lasting impact on the stage; her
Friday, June 1st, 2012
  Serena Grandi Serena Grandi was born Serena Faggioli on March 23, 1958 in the town of Bologna, Italy. This Italian bombshell with the voluptuous measurements 39.5- 23.5 - 39.5 was once voted the sexiest woman in Italy. She is often referred to as the Italian Dolly Parton due to the ample size of her bosom. Ms. Grandi has appeared in a variety of films, including the soft core erotic thrillers of Tinto Brass. She is not afraid to show some skin. Her beauty - and her bosom - is
Friday, June 1st, 2012
Profile and Filmography of Rosalba Neri   Rosalba Neri Rosalba Neri was born on June 19, 1939 in Furli (Emilia Romagna), Italy. When she was very young, she won a beauty pageant and attended il Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (The Center for Experimental Cinematography). In 1956, she received an offer to go to Hollywood and attend the Actor's Studio but didn't take the offer for undisclosed reasons.       She began her film career a year prior to that, at the
Friday, June 1st, 2012
Italian Comedian-Actor-Director, Screenplay Writer, Producer and Author   Roberto Benigni He is an award winner of the 2000 European Film Academy Award for European Achievement in World Cinema and in 1999 he won the German Film Award for best foreign film for 'Life is Beautiful.' In 1999 he won the Goya for best European film again for 'Life is Beautiful,' and then won the American Comedy Award for the funniest Actor in a Motion Picture for 'Life is Beautiful one more time.' His
Friday, June 1st, 2012
Daria Nicolodi - Italian Scream Queen Extraordinaire   Daria Nicolodi and Dario Argento Daria Nicolodi was born on June 19, 1950. She is the daughter of a lawyer and philologist. (A philologist is a person who studies ancient languages.) Her younger sister became a university professor. That's not the usual start for a creative genius, whose tastes run to the macabre, is it? Although Daria didn't get her love from the occult from her parents or sister, she did learn a great deal from
Friday, June 1st, 2012
Raimondo Vianello and Sandra Mondaini at their Wedding (Photo from Wikipedia) When iconic Italian actress and showgirl Sandra Mondaini died on September 21, 2010, at age 79, the majority of Italians were saddened, but not many were surprised. Seeing Mondaini at the funeral of husband Raimondo Vianello, dead at 87 just five months earlier, it was clear how much of a toll the loss of her beloved had taken on the actress. The love and bond between the two proved too strong and