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Thursday, January 14TH, 2010 by Anonymous
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Italian Movies Reviews
Sunday, November 30TH, 2008 by admin
This section will review sevaral Italian movies that will be available in the United States   You can find the following Italian film titles in the US: I Soliti Ignoti - big deal on Madonna street : A classic Johnny Stecchino - Benigni Il Mostro - Benigni slapstick but funny La vita e' bella - Benigni comedy / drama Mediterraneo - Diego Abbanantuomo il Postino -  Massimo Troisi Pane e Tulipani / Bread and Tulips (2000) Le Fate Ignoranti - not quite a comedy but quite good Mad About Opera / Follie per l'Opera (1950) If you have a region free DVD you can find several decent...
La Strada - Fellini's Masterpiece
Wednesday, September 10TH, 2008 by admin
Giuletta Masina in La Strada Wide eyed and snub nosed, actress Giuletta Masina was no great beauty. But her face held an innocence and compelling wistfulness that could reach out from the cinema screen and touch the hardest of hearts. La strada movie Masina was married to Federico Fellini, and he saw in her a Chaplinesque charm irresistible to a director. He set about crafting a story for her that would evoke emotion in all who saw it. The result was La Strada, the movie that made both their names. La Strada was released in 1954, winning critical acclaim, more than 50...
Scarlet Diva
Wednesday, September 10TH, 2008 by admin
Movie Review: Scarlet Diva Scarlet DivaScarlet Diva stars Asia Argento. She also wrote and directed the film. Asia doesn't deny that this is a self-serving piece and even says, quite dramatically, in the opening segment that it "saved my life." Asia plays Anna Battista, an Italian film actress. The film is somewhat disjointed, blatantly sexual and a bit melodramatic at times. Of course, it has a great visual appeal - quite stylized (Considering it was shot with a digital camera that's quite an accomplishment!) and an impressive alt-rock soundtrack. Anna/Asia introduces us to her wild life...
Wednesday, September 10TH, 2008 by admin
A Film Review of Dario Argento's Suspiria SuspiriaSuspiria is, to many, Dario Argento's masterpiece. The film, which was penned in large part by Daria Nicolodi, his partner and muse of many years, is visually breath-taking. At times, it feels more like fluff than substance. I loved the film, don't get me wrong; but, I wanted more. A little more story, a bit more explanation. I felt ungrounded. I felt uneasy. I know that was part of the director's intent; but, I don't like it. Suzy Bannon (Jessica Harper) is an American coming to the Black Forest in Germany. She's a ballet dancer who's...
Profondo Rosso
Wednesday, September 10TH, 2008 by admin
A Review of Profondo Rosso Profondo RossoProfondo Rosso, which is also known as Deep Red: The Hatchet Murders, is, to many, Dario Argento's seminal work. The film, which was released in 1975, contains many elements that the slasher film fanatic can - and will - appreciate. It is innovative for its time and still worth a look-see. The movie begins with a murder in flashback. A young child is witnessing the murder of a family member. There's a Christmas tree and other holiday decorations around. It's a hatchet murder. Cut to the present. A famous psychic, Helga Ulmann (Macha Meril), senses...
Pane e Tulipani - Bread and Tulips
Wednesday, September 10TH, 2008 by admin
Pane e Tulipani - What a Delightful Film! Pane e Tulipani (Bread and Tulips) is such a sweet film. It's a romantic comedy starring Licia Maglietta as Rosalba Maresanto Barletta. She was married young to a plumbing supplier. Now, in her 40s with two teenage sons, Rosalba is unhappy. She is on a family vacation and gets left behind at a rest stop. She had to go to the ladies' room. Her husband calls to yell at her and tell her to wait for them. She doesn't. Rosalba takes off. Initially, she plans to go home and spend some time alone. As she gets out on the open road, she decides that maybe it...
Ma Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi
Wednesday, September 10TH, 2008 by admin
Ma Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi - A Film Review Ma che colpa abbiamo noiMa Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi (It's Not Our Fault) is a comedy that pokes fun of our mundane tragedies. Written and directed by Carlo Verdone, the film puts the characters and society under the microscope. It makes us laugh, tear up and squirm, at times. The film focuses on a group of seven individuals who are in group therapy together. After the death of their therapist, during one of the group's sessions, the group struggles to remain together. Originally they were eight, but one member, a rotund musician who's known only as...
Honolulu Baby
Wednesday, September 10TH, 2008 by admin
Honolulu Baby - Film Review Honolulu BabyAlberto Colombo, played by the 'Italian Woody Allen', Maurizio Nichetti, is a man with a boring life. He's an engineer for an Italian corporation that wants its employees to speak in English. He is married to a beautiful woman, Margherita, played by Portuguese actress Maria de Medeiros. She wants to move ahead in her career and is trying to speak English at home too. He wants children; but, she doesn't want sex. Alberto, a character that Nichetti first introduced in his 1979 film, Ratataplan, wants some excitement, some adventure. He asks his wife...
Il Mostro
Wednesday, September 10TH, 2008 by admin
Benigni: Il Mostro - A Very Funny Film Clip from Il MostroRoberto Benigni is best known in the United States for his Academy Award winning masterpiece Life is Beautiful (La Vita e' Bella). Benigni's comedy is probably best-described as the kind you'd see if Robin Williams and Peter Sellers had a child. It's intelligent, silly, frenetic and very, very physical. Benigni is also the master of facial expressions, a la Jim Carrey. The man is funny and tragic at the same time. The plot of Il Mostro is simple. Benigni plays Loris, a petty thief, ne'er-do-well, type. He's a part time window-...