25 Sexy Italian Men- III

Some of Italy's Sexiest Men
Some of Italy's Sexiest Men

Italian Sexy Men: Alessandro Gassman to Flavio Briatore

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Alessandro Gassman

In the last part of the article, we mostly spoke about  sexy Italian men of the acting community; here are some more names - and faces- to make women's hearts race.

Born in 1965 in Rome, Alessandro Gassman is an Italian actor who has made a name for himself both due to his acting prowess and a smouldering sexuality that projects itself on screen. He has Italian, French and German blood in him and is married to Sabrina Knaflitz. His marriage had done nothing to reduce his sex-icon image, and his legion of fans swear by his smile and his gorgeous body.


His acting career started at 17 with his father, iconic actor and sex symbol of the 50s Vittorio Gassman, as the director; he then went on to study at the famous La bottega teatrale in Florence. He has worked in a a lot of TV series and also movies like Uomini senza donne, Facciamo la festa, Teste di cocco with Gianmarco Tognazzi. Because of his popularity and exceptional good looks, Yves Saint Laurent chose him to model for their parfum Opium. Like many other actors in Italy, Alessandro posed for a sexy calendar in the Italian magazine Max, which sealed his image as a sexy hunk.

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Walter Nudo

Another actor standing as tall as Gassman at 6 feet 3 inches is Walter Nudo.Though he was born in 1970 in Canada, Walter Nudo is Italian by descent and returned to Genova when he was ten years old. At nineteen he moved to the United States, and began attending acting lessons in Los Angeles, depending on his handsome looks to get him jobs as dancer and model.

In 1994, he came back to Italy as an actor and I ragazzi della notte directed by Jerry Calà became his first film. In 1996, he was elected Mister Italy. Branching out into sport, he became a boxer for the next three years which enhanced his powerful body image. In the following years, despite difficulties in his personal life he took part in many TV series in Italy and abroad, making a name for himself. In 2003, he acted in Un posto al sole ,making him a household name.

His victory in L’isola dei famosi helped his sexy Italian male icon image, and went on to act in the series Incantesimo and Carabinieri. Walter Nudo is also well-known as a musician, having played for 'II Bravo' band across Italy. But what makes this multi-talented man a truly attractive person is his passion for charity, which he supports by running marathons and taking part in many charity organizations. This Italian demi-god is sexy for more than his looks alone.

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Luca Argentero

Born in Piedmonte, Italy, Luca Argentero fits the profile of a successful, sexy Italian actor: vaulting to fame after being put into Grande Fratello or Big Brother by his cousin Alessia Ventura, he has done quite a bit of modelling and posed for the Max calendar.

Argentero's serious debut as an actor came in 2005 in the TV series Carabinieri, and in 2006 he acted in the movie A casa nostra, directed by Francesca Comencini. Saturno contro, directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, Solo un padre by Luca Lucini and Il grande sogno, directed by Michele Placido, are his other well-known films. Like Walter Nudo, Argentero is a sports buff, and loves to take time off his acting to enjoy various sports.

In 2009 he married his longtime girlfriend, actress Myriam Catania.

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Riccardo Scamarcio

Of all the sizzling actors that Italy has produced, the 1979 born Riccardo Scamarcio from Puglia is one of the most remarkable presences in Italian cinema today.

His appeal does not lie entirely in his deep black eyes or his curly tresses, though they help, but his extraordinary acting talents.

A self-confessed fan of Mastroianni, he has acted in a bunch of renowned films starting from Tre metri sopra il cielo, Texas, Mio fratello è un figlio unico and so on for which he has won much popular and critical acclaim. Former girlfriends include Laura Chiatti and Angela Liso, and he now has a long-term relationship with actress Valeria Golino.

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From sexy Italian actors, the attention shifts to and Luciano Ligabue and Eros Ramazzotti, both Italian singers of internationally renowned.

Luciano Ligabue

Born in 1960, Luciano Ligabue is one of the best known italian artists, famous for being a rock singer-songwriter. He has also directed movies and written short stories, but what makes him sexy and puts him on this list is his rocker sensibilities, and to-die-for voice.

Some of his best albums include Ligabue, Il mio nome è mai più, Fuori come va?

Besides, the man is also an awesome poet, some of his songs reflect in-depth on the human condition, and the ones on romance are enough to get a woman weak in the knees.

Add to that his rock-star good looks and unforgettable smile, and you get a man who almost epitomizes Italian maleness.

Eros Luciano Walter Ramazzotti is one of the most internationally acclaimed Italian singers, and with good reason. His voice has a peculiar touch, and it has carried him into best-selling territory in many parts of the world.

Eros Ramazzotti

The fact that Ramazzotti releases in Italian and Spanish is also one reason for his popularity beyond the shores of Italy. He has marked his presence in the famous Sanremo festival time and again, and has sung with some megastar names like Andrea Bocelli, Cher, Laura Pausini, Pavarotti and Ricky Martin.

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His sexy appeal lies in his voice, and his stage presence, a strange mix of aggression and vulnerability. His face has graced the covers of various magazines. He was married to Swiss actress Michelle Hunziker, and there are rumors that he has recently married Marica Pellegrinelli in a secret ceremony.

Flavio Briatore

It could be a stretch to compare Flavio Briatore, the aging but famous Italian businessman, to Casanova, the Italian sex icon. But as it turns out, the two have a lot in common. Brushes with the law, for one, and having women one-fourth their age as willing companions, for another.

Briatore has had a long and chequered history, which include conviction for fraud, running from the law, setting up different businesses, and dabbling in the management and ownership of Formula 1 teams and football clubs. But he has a reputation among women, too. Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell and 27-year-old Wonderbra model Elisabetta Gregoraci, have all fallen for his charms. Or maybe for his money. As everyone knows, in some cases, money equals charm.

Paolo Nascimbeni is the owner of Lifeinitaly. Being sexy is all about thinking yourself sexy, and since he has inserted his name into this list on his own initiative, he qualifies! To know more about him though and see his pictures, you would have to ask him, because he is not a celebrity. Yet.

In the next part of this list of Sexy Italian Men, Lifeinitaly would explore the world of reality television, where celebrities are made or broken. Like most of the developed world, Italy has its share of reality show fanatics, who have catapulted a few gorgeous hunks to the Italian hall of sexy men. In the next part of  25 Sexy men in Italy, you'll meet a few reality show heartbreakers.


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By Damyanti Ghosh, November 2009