25 Sexy Italian Men-IV

Some of Italy's Sexiest Men
Some of Italy's Sexiest Men

Italian Sexy Men: Rubicondi to Roberto Bolle

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In the last part of the article our sexy Italian men came mostly from the acting and artistic communities. This section is about sexy Italian male eye candy from the world of reality television and dance.


Sexy Italian Men: Rossano Rubicondi


Amongst Italian male realty TV stars, Rossano Rubicondi is a well-known name, principally because of the actor's on and off relationship and marriage with Donald Trump's ex-wife, Ivana Trump.

A muscled, sculpted body, and an international career that includes gigs in the UK and the US, have both helped catapult him into fame. In 2008, the 1972-born Rubicondi became a household name in Italy thanks to his stint at the L'isola dei Famosi, one of the most popular Italian TV reality shows.

His drool-worthy looks, jet-setting lifestyle, ranging from New York, Miami and Los Angeles, to Saint Tropez and the Mediterranean,  gives Rossano Rubicondi a slot in our list of sexy Italian men.


Another reality star is Pietro Taricone who left his studies to pursue various jobs, among which acting figured in a major way. The show Grande Fratello became his ticket to popularity, not just because of his hunky presence, but also for his affair with Cristina Plevani, the show winner.


Italian Sexy Men: Pietro Taricone

He went on to act in various TV series, and also posed nude for Max, the magazine on which so many members of our list  have posed for. He went on to act in movies like Ricordati di me, Radio West and Maradona, La mano de Dios.


Pietro Taricone was a constant presence on Italian television, appearing in TV serials and also shows, where he used to give his opinion on the issues of the day. He tragically died in a parachute accident in June 2010, leaving behind his wife, actress Kasia Smutniak and their 6 year old daughter, Sophie.


Sexy Italian Men: Alberto Scrivano


In 2009, Grande Fratello has brought another hot body on to Italian television, that of Alberto Scrivano. Born in 1976, this Genovese is the current heart-throb of many Italian damsels. Marco Mazzanti, Vanessa Ravizza and Alberto Scrivano formed an intriguing love triangle on the show,  which drove the viewer ratings through the roof.


In real life, Vanessa and Alberto continued their love story even out of the house, but they broke up in 2010. h


Costantino Vitagliano is another Italian reality TV star, in the same league as Taricone, who is well- known due to the show Uomini e Donne. Born in 1974, this athletic, green-eyed Italian started his career as a model. He then went on to become an actor in various TV series. But destiny had other plans for him.





Buongiorno a tutti...

Posted by Costantino Vitagliano on Thursday, April 23, 2015



Reality TV called in 2003, and his affair on national television with Alessandra Pierelli through the year 2004 brought him unprecedented popularity.

This gave him film roles, a presence on Stranamore, and boosted his career as a model by landing him contracts with various famous Italian brands.


It also made his biography Costantino Desnudo a best seller. His charming good looks have become an asset to Italian television, and he has been appearing in various series and shows in different roles.


Like Costantino Vitigliano, the show Uomini e Donne brought another sexy Italian guy to popular attention, Cristiano Angelucci. Cristiano, like his brother Salvatore Angelucci, first appeared in the reality show Vero amore and then moved on to Uomini e Donne which made him famous.


Born in 1978, this thirty-seven year old Italian owns not only a smoking hot body but a searing presence, which has made him the object of adoration of multitudes of Italian women.

Though his own fiancée Cristina Buccino left him at the beginning of 2009, he dated Alessandra Sorcinelli for some time, but he has well and truly moved on. Now he lives with Elisa Panichi and their daughter, Cecilia, and he sells cosmetics.


Kledi Kadiu was born in Albania, and became an Italian citizen in 2008. This gorgeous dancer is famous in Italy through shows like C'e Posta Per Te and Amici di Maria De Filippi.


Sexy Italian Men: Kledi Kadiu


He has a dance school in Rome, and besides taking part in dance shows, he has also acted in movies like Passa a Due and La cura del gorilla. Kadiu has received awards like Premio Gino Tani for Best Artist of the Year, and the Ginestra d'Oro Award for Best Dancer of the Year. Much celebrated in Italy, this sexy Italian hunk was engaged to Desy Luccini, who was a contender for Miss Italy; after their ropture he declared he wanted to engage himself to his job only, but he fell in love again and since the end of 2014 he is dating Charlotte, a dancer.


He continues to appear on television in various dance shows, and in 2009 published his autobiography Meglio di una Favola, which details the struggles of his life as a dancer, and a naturalized Italian.


Sexy Italian Men: Roberto Bolla and Alina Somova at the Excelsior in NYC. Ph. flickr/Kent G Becker


A contemporary of Kledi Kadiu, Roberto Bolle is an Italian ballet dancer who is known internationally for his incredible talent and good looks to match. In 1996, he became the principal dancer at the renowned La scala, and has never looked back since.


He has performed in London, New York, Stuttgart, Dresden, Finland, Japan, Egypt and Canada and his audience has featured the Pope and the Queen of England, among others.


Bolle's handsome features and stunningly beautiful dancer's body have brought him to the attention of Italian designers such as Ferragamo, who featured him in his 2008 campaign, and Armani, who create specially tailored clothes for him. Roberto Bolle also featured on Vogue US in 2009.


This fourth part ends the list of 25 sexy Italian men, most of whom are celebrities in some capacity or the other. Sure, almost all of them have bodies to die for, memorable faces, and jet-setting lifestyles. But so do gorgeous men from all other countries.


What sets Italian men apart is their infallible charm irrespective of age, their love for their families, regard for women, and last but not the least, an inimitable, spontaneous self-belief.


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By Damyanti Ghosh