Motorcycle Tour Milano Taranto

Milano Taranto Tour of Italy

Italy offers now several Motorcycle tours like this Milano Taranto race revival
A sample itinerarly would be: Milano-Arezzo (Tuscany)
Arezzo-Viterbo ( Latium ) Viterbo-Avezzano (AQ)
Avezzano (AQ)-San Marco in Lamis (FG)
San Marco in Lamis (FG)- Taranto

milano taranto tour

The ride will be exclusively on country roads, no highway or autostrada

classic motorcylce race

< click to See the movie - Recreation of the agonistic Milano-Taranto, ridden from 1937 till 1956; - This tour has now only an historical and cultural purpose and it is absolutely non agonistic.

ADMITTED MOTORCYCLES and admitted CATEGORIES - The motorcycles admitted to the Milan-Taranto tour will be exclusively those of the categories "Historical", "Sport" and "Assaggiatori" ( Tasters ) . The "Food Taster" category will give all of us the opportunity to participate as tourists and sample several Italian food specialties while descending the Italian peninsula.

There are a FEW classic motorcycle / scooters ( Lambretta / Vespa, Mondial ) will be for rent to participants on a FCFS base.

Participants will be able to pick them up in Milano and comfortably return them in Taranto.

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