Motorcycle Riding in Italy

Italy on a Motorcycle / Bike Riding in Italy II

Italy motorcycle Tour: From Rome

Rome - You can spend a few days in Rome: enjoy your night riding downtown and take excursions to the outskirts of the city to places like Frascati and I castelli Romani, or Cerveteri towards the north if you are interested in antique culture (Etruscan). During the warm weather you can also have a great day trip to the Parco Nazionale in Abruzzo. From Rome you should move toward Tuscany where more or less anyplace that you go you will find good riding (take the Cassia or if you prefer the sea route, the Aurelia, and ride North), stay in Florence, Siena or in many of the smaller antique towns that Tuscany has to offer like Pienza or San Gimignano…

Tuscan road in Tuscany












After Tuscany you can move toward Umbria and the hundreds of medieval towns that Umbria has to offer. Umbria: If the weather is good you will have a great ride more or less wherever you go. From Umbria you can go back to Rome and then head toward the stupendous Amalfi coast.

A variation: If the weather is warm but not hot and you feel like taking a swim you can always head toward Ischia and go to S. Angelo where warm natural springs (like the ones at Aphrodite Apollon) will allow you to swim much earlier during the season. Depending on the time you have available and your taste, you could always visit Pompei etc… Avoid stopping in Naples and leaving a loaded bike on the street - most probably you will have no need to unload it yourself.

If you find a better combination of flights / bike rentals from Milan, there are also great rides in the lakes region and then on to the Alps beyond, Venice, the Cinque Terre, Portofino etc. These are all great itineraries.

I personally like the Green Guide (from Michelin / TCI ) for indications of what to visit in Italy. You can grab the guide and see right away which town to visit - The star system to identify attractions is quite reliable and allows you to plan your trip on the spot.


Above circa 1997

motorcyle tour guide book for italy

* The guide on the left is an excellent help if you are thinking of some riding itineraries - However, it is all in Italian! It is updated every year and shows 43 itineraries and Motorcycle gathering places, plus 150 scenic mountain crossings.

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