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>>>ANSA/ December brings search for new year's diary

(ANSA) - Rome, December 22 - December is a month for taking stock of the year coming to a close, but also a time to mentally prepare for the challenges to come, and one enjoyable way to do so is by spending some time finding the perfect diary for the new year.

The diary, the ever-faithful travel companion, starts its hard work at the stroke of midnight, and this year there are choices for every taste and every style.

Whether one goes to look for a diary in a book shop, a stationery shop, or in an online store, there is a wide range to choose from in 2016, sure to satisfy classic tastes as well as more eccentric styles.

Leading the pack is the famed Smemoranda diary, which in 2016 sees the debut of both its "Strip Days" series dedicated to the most beloved and popular Italian cartoonists (from Makkox to Zerocalcare), as well as the 12-month Smemo, perfect for a wide range of uses from work to free time, and with one story per month written by a celebrated author.

Functional and brightly colored is the EcoQua series by Fabriano, available in various sizes and in daily, weekly and 16-month versions.

Paperblanks diaries boast attractively illustrated covers as well as convenience, with six different formats - maxi, midi, mini, micro, ultra, and slender - as well as a magnetic or elastic band closure.

Vegagenda diaries promote healthier and more conscious choices in terms of food and lifestyle, their pages filled with useful advice about how to grow and harvest food, improve nutrition, and adopt a lifestyle with a low ecological impact, as well as some exquisite vegan recipes.

On a more humorous note, Comix agendas carry the tagline "Make your mind a fortress and barricade yourself in your ignorance", and offer diaries in 12 color variations with contributions from celebrities from the worlds of theatre, music, sport and social media.

Book lovers won't want to miss the Libridinosa 2016 diary, with 300 quotes and 800 birthdays of note, and the Letteraria 2016 diary, which includes excerpts from the best in Italian and international literature.

Legami diaries are the easy-going choice, offering covers depicting cute cats and dogs, prints of famous paintings, and snapshots of famous cities, and they come in sizes ranging from mini to maxi as well as a desk planner size.

A true classic is always to be had in a Moleskine diary, which in 2016 offers a Feng Shui version inspired by Chinese culture to celebrate the Year of the Monkey, in addition to its other versions dedicated to themes like Peanuts, Star Wars, and The Little Prince.

And, for the most elegant and exclusive choice - also in terms of price - there are the Montblanc and Piquadro diaries, both an assurance of quality, refinement and select materials.

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