Turin local councillor shot in 2012 dies after 19-mth coma

(ANSA) - Turin, October 23 - Alberto Musy, a Turin city councillor shot in an attack near his home in March 2012, died overnight, police said Wednesday.

Musy, a member of the centrist UDC party who leaves behind a wife and four children aged three to 13, had been in a coma since the attack.

Francesco Furchì, who stood in 2011 council elections in the same coalition that supported Musy's unsuccessful bid to become mayor of Turin, is suspected of the attack and has been in jail since January.

"Now the charge against Francesco Furchì must change from attempted murder to murder - a crime punishable with life in prison," said Gianpaolo Zancan, the lawyer representing Furchì's family.

Many Italian politicians paid tribute to Musy.

"I weep with great pain at the passing of Alberto Musy, an example of great civic commitment that we will never forget and who the City of Turin will remember for a long time," said Pier Ferdinando Casini, the head of Musy's UDC party.

Turin Mayor Piero Fassino said the death caused fresh pain to Musy's family, the city and "the many people knew, liked and respected Alberto".

Investigators said that they suspect Musy's failure to do favors for Furchi was the driving force behind the killing.

"Principally there are three motives - Furchi sought but was refused professorship at the Palermo university, he was not nominated for a Turin city council position after supporting Musy's campaign and Musy did not procure investors for Furchi's business activities," chief investigator Giancarlo Caselli said earlier this year.

"Furchi blames Musy for all of these failures".

Musy, a labour lawyer, was shot by a person waiting in the courtyard of the building where the councillor lived in central Turin after he had taken his children to school.

Closed-circuit video footage showed a suspect near to the scene dressed in dark clothes and wearing a motorcycle helmet.

"I can't say anything except that I'm sorry," Furchì told reporters on Wednesday as he entered court for a hearing of his trial.

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