European football championship 2012: Italiy's misfourtune

European football championship 2012: Italiy's misfourtune

Italian nerves were on the edge for all those who watched the final match of the European football championship 2012. Disappointment and disillusionment hit Italians badly, who had believed in a probable victory. Italy managed to arrive a hair's breadth away from the finishing post, but the dream of winning suddenly faded away.


Last Sunday, July 1st, squares were crowded by Italians who, in front of maxi screens, were supporting their football team. However, they were shaken by the four goals that hit the Italian net.

A bitter return to reality was marked by the final match after the two decisive matches that had given Italy the possibility to arrive at the final match: Italy versus England and Italy versus Germany. After all the negative moments for the reputation of the country, the name Italy had gone up again and covered the front pages of English first and later German newspapers: both nationally and internationally. The matches had marked the football success of Italy in Poland, where the championship took place.

The first match was quite suffering as penalties decided the result of the game. Italy versus England, with a winning result for the former, let Italy see its football dream going on.

Italy has never been so lucky with penalties in its football history but this time fate seemed to have been favourable and it was right in that football match that penalties helped Italy to win, handing down the curse to England.

The second match gave even more hopes to Italians who thanked Mario Balotelli for his two kicks, nicknamed after that super Mario, ensuring a defeat for the Germans and confirming  the world-beater Italian football style, which emerged  thanks to a 2-1 victory

All the necessary conditions were created for a very interesting and harsh game for the decisive match which would have awarded the winner. Italy versus Spain was an awaited event where Italy could have confirmed its prestige in the fields of sports, and especially football, after having lost consent on the economic level within the European stage.

It was the right occasion to see the name of the country hit the headlines not because of spread nor because of economic and political problems but for a glad occasion. Spain was vastly superior to Italy, which did not seem to be the same football team that had won the previous matches. A tired team with no turnover nor enthusiasm took the field. Spain played and did it very well scoring four goals and receiving the title of European champion.

This a sad episode that has marked the history of Italian football, not much for not having won the final match but for the way they played suffering four goals passively without showing determination nor grit.

Italians have really thought it could have been possible, they really trusted in a 'yes we can' with a positive and happy ending, which unfortunately was not possible. Perhaps in the next European championship things will go better for the azzurri, light blue players, as Italian football players are renowned for the colour of their outfit.



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