Italian Weather in March


Italy from Above


Italy is one of the biggest tourist draws in the world, which unfortunately means big crowds and high prices. The increasing popularity of Italy's cities also means that the "shoulder seasons"--when prices are lower, but theweather is still mild--are getting shorter. Travelling in typical "shoulder season" months like September and April no longer guarantees great deals. What are the alternatives? To try to keep travel costs down and beat the rush why not try Italy in March? 

Variable Weather

As with any time of year March weather in Italy will vary depending on the region. It also tends to be more unpredictable than the summer months. Compared to warmer months like June, March sees quite a bit of rain as well as chilly days. If your vacation itinerary includes lots of outdoor sports and activities, then the weather difference will certainly be noticeable. On the other hand, if you are planning to be indoors or visiting museums and churches for the majority of your trip, the differences in weather would not effect your enjoyment. Most of the famous sightseeing spots in Italy are located indoors, which means that outside temperatures should not overly concern tourists. Keep in mind the savings in airfare and hotel prices may make a little rain more than worthwhile! 

Genova Panorama - Mount Fasce in March - Photo courtesy of GrazianoU/Wikimedia


Capricious Climate

The month of March in Italy is considered crazy or, as the Italians say, "Marzo è pazzo." The climate can be quite chilly, as well as windy and rainy. Some parts of Italy also see snow this time of year.

In Italy clocks usually go forward the first weekend of March meaning that you will have longer days to enjoy sightseeing. Keep in mind that if you visit Italy during a year when Easter is earlier you will see many more tourists during March. The start of spring on the 21st of March usually signals the beginning of better temperatures. 



Great Festivals

March in Italy does not only symbolize rainy weather and cheap travel deals. There are many great festivals celebrated in Italy during this month that tourists can enjoy. Even average vacations are made memorable and truly unique by including one of these festivals. Famous festivals occurring in Italy during March include the Euro Chocolate Rome, Fritelle Festival, Buffoon Burning Festival, the famous wine festival Vinitaly, and at times the Sanremo Song Festival.

Count yourself lucky if you are in Italy during the Open Monuments Weekend. This is the weekend when famous monuments and gardens usually closed to the public are opened for tours--sometimes at no charge! 

Also held in March are the Rome Marathon, Florence's Olive Festival or Oleum and many others. If you're in the Perugia area you will want to check out the famous Chocolate Festival. Chocolate lovers will be able to sample chocolate from different regions of Italy, and look at chocolate sculptures and souveniers.

Strong Wind blows all over Northern Italy.

If you hate long lines and want to save on travel then Italy in March may be for you.  Just make sure to research the usual weather patterns of the region you hope to visit, pack a warm sweater, and enjoy!