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Italian Lifestyle and Modern Culture

Piazza del popolo Rome - People

Piazza del popolo Rome - People

Italy today: Italian Lifestyle and Moderne CultureIn this section of Life in Italy, you will find articles and information about Italian culture in today's Italy. The many Italian gifts to mankind are not confined to museums and history books. Italians and Italian pop culture continue to shape the modern world. From cinema to fashion, motorsports to popular music, Italy is always on the cutting edge. Below are links to subcategories on Italian pop culture, including the latest news from Italy. Be sure to also visit our section on Classic Italian Culture.


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Italian Comics and Cartoons
Sunday, June 26TH, 2016 by admin
Italian Comics and Cartoons Comics are usually associated with the US or, if you're more into big-eyed, funky-hair-colors characters, Japan. However, Italy has, throughout the year, produced a seried of memorable characters. They may not be as popular around the world as Mickey Mouse and Sailor Moon, but they do have a pretty hefty cult following and they are themselves just another representation of Italy's own creativity.    Tex Willer is one of Italy longer lasting comics.   The most famous Italian comic strips is probably Tex Willer. Created i...
If you're a keen web surfer, you may have come across a popular meme with the picture of a girl eagerly washing her hands in a bidet, its caption highlighting her question about why Europeans have such low sinks in their bathrooms... This is just a funny example of the confusion the presence of bidets in our bathrooms often rises in our non-bidet using's visitors.  Truth is bidets are so ubiquitous in Italy and many other parts of Europe, we feel pretty confused when travelling for the first time to a country where they're not part of the décor. Their history's long and curious, s...
Taste of Italy
Tuesday, December 15TH, 2015 by FrancescaBezzone
  I lived abroad for fifteen years, and the taste of Italy, I certainly missed. During this time, I have learnt a lot about my country. Yes, because for some mysterious trick of the mind, it is always when you are far from a place or from someone that you truly begin to know them: does that not happen to lovers as well, sometimes? Anyway: fifteen years away from Italy, fifteen years where I learnt to look at it more objectively. It is hard, because right now, one may think that the cons of being in the country (high taxes, no work, a risible political force) are overwhelmingly...
While doing my doctorate and working in university in the West of Ireland, I got to meet and become very close to many people from the US. We all were part of the same department and soon we didn't only bond over work, but also shared a common need to feel "at home"  in a foreign country. We ended up becoming a family. Of course, it was through my American friends I was first introduced to Thanksgiving. In Italian, we call it "Giorno del Ringraziamento" and only know about it because we see it on American tv. We know there's roast turkey and that it's a fami...
Starbucks in Italy
Friday, October 16TH, 2015 by ancos
A Starbucks in Leeds, England (Photo by Onar Vikingstad via Wikimedia Commons)   These days Starbucks coffee shops are a common sight on almost every corner, in almost every major American and European city in the world--except Italy. There are rumors of imminent store openings in Milan and Rome, probably in 2016, but as of right now-- October 2015--the largest coffee chain in the world hasn't yet reached the shores of Italy. Think that's weird? Well, a quick review of Starbucks' history will show that it's probably not.   The first Starbucks...
Italian men
Monday, December 01TH, 2014 by AnnaDe Filippo
    Italians have always been famous for being real charmers, but is this true, or is it simply a urban myth created by decades of stereotypes and old fashioned movies?     Whether true or not, Italian men are very much appreciated by women, especially when they come from abroad. Let's face it, our men have loads of characteristics which are not easy to find in others and are - give the name of ONE woman who doesn't think so - incredibly attractive!     What women like about Italian men   First of all women like Italian men becau...
You have just finished your tasty pasta cooked al dente, and there it lies on your plate: a whole layer of delicious sauce. How could you leave it there, wasted, to be thrown away? Impossible! is the answer many Italians would give to such a question: this is why we love the scarpetta  and cannot quite avoid doing it, even when, as Galateo says, we shouldn't.    A true Italian habit: fare la scarpetta (   This word can hardly be translated in other languages except if u...