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..... Beyond 'O Sole Mio'

Italian singers / Italian music in brief


Popular Italian singer Elisa

Popular Italian singer Elisa

Some Americans seem to equate Italian music with O Sole Mio and Funiculi Funicula.Meaning no disrespect to these great songs, Italy has a popular music tradition that provides strong competition to popular and rock music from other countries such as the United States and England.


I would divide Italian popular music into four different categories (that overlap to some extent).

  • Melodic music
  • Italian Rock
  • Singer-songwriters (Known as "cantautori" )
  • Their own styles
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Best Italian Music II
Friday, July 17TH, 2015 by FrancescaBezzone
More Suggestions about our best performers and songwriters   Here comes lifeinitaly second part of the best Italian music. Want to learn more about our classic stars and singer songwriters? Check out Best Italian Music I!    Vasco Rossi, one of Italian music pop icons (Oxfam Italia/flickr)   I Famosissimi   Vasco Rossi Il Blasco (as it is known among his fans) is a bit of an Italian phenomenon. When non-Italian friends of mine heard his music, they were left at best untouched: when compared to American rockers, Vasco may look and...
Saturday, June 27TH, 2015 by admin
Celebrating the 120 Years of Italian Radio, by remembering how it all started   It was 1995 when Italians celebrated the 100 years anniversary of the invention of the radio. Guglielmo Marconi was the mind behind a creation that was to change human comunication for ever. Today, 120 years after that faithful day, the radio still represents a companion to the days of many. And not only that: radio signals are still a relevant way of communicating in specific fields, such as aviation.  ... It was more than a century ago when Guglielmo Marconi, up on top of a s...
Italian music V: the 1970's
Wednesday, June 24TH, 2015 by FrancescaBezzone
  Renato Zero and Loredana Berté, protagonists of  the Italian music panorama of the 1970s (GdT/wikimedia)   The 1970s were not an easy period in Italian history: generally known as the Anni di Piombo, the lead years, the 70s are, today, short of being considered a decade of factual civil war between established and terroristic powers. It is also for this reason that in the 1970s, Italian music keeps on following that path of socially engaged singing-songwriting already begun in the1960s, in particular with the Scuola Genovese: it is the decade w...
Italian Music 1: Before WW1
Thursday, June 11TH, 2015 by admin
Early libretto for Puccini's La Turandot   When approaching the history of Italian modern music, it is important to remember that, for almost two centuries, the first and strongest musical tradition of the country was opera.   Opera Opera had romantic and adventurous plots and, above all, melodic and catchy arie, musical pieces sang and whistled all over the Italian peninsula. So it is no surprise that at the beginning of the 20th century Italian people, from the humble craftsman to the rich and noble, still attended opera houses, b...
Best Italian Music I
Thursday, June 04TH, 2015 by FrancescaBezzone
Some suggestions about the best of Italian music   Quartetto Cetra (Stevan Kragujevic/wikimedia)   I Classici   Claudio Villa  Known to his fans as "Il Reuccio," the little king, Claudio Villa was indeed the king of Italian melodic music. His voice, full, powerful and reminiscent of that of operetta tenors, has enchanted generations of Italians. His name has been always associated to the Festival di Sanremo, and to the old-times-Italy of Bel Canto. Villa, almost 30 years after his death, still remains an icon of Italian music.  Get to...
Italian Music 4: the 1960's
Monday, June 01TH, 2015 by clotta
Italian teenagers in the 1960s   The 1960s were a crucial, very much loved and dearly remembered decade in Italian history, in part because of the economic boom, a golden moment for Italian economy, when industrialization was at its peak and consumerism, after the struggling days of the 1950s reconstruction, was starting to finally become the Italian way of life. But the 60s were also a decade characterized by an atmosphere of joyousness and lightheartedness: the 1960s, in fact, can surely be  considered the "teenage decade" of the country, when Italy k...
Italian Music 3: the 1950's
Monday, June 01TH, 2015 by clotta
Domenico Modugno Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu   At the end of the Second World War, Allied troupes occupied Italy and American and English soldiers stormed through the country bringing all those things Italian people hadn't been allowed to have for twenty solid years. Italy enjoyed its freedom, and even if money was tight and the war had left terrible scars, people, finally free from twenty long years of dictatorship, wanted to sing, dance, and have fun. And they wanted to do it to the rhythm of the musical trends from across the Atlantic Ocean. From 1945 onward,...