San Valentino

The Creation of St. Valentine's Day

San Valentino


Saint Valentine

Because next week is Valentine's Day, I would like to spend some time talking about this holiday. First of all Valentine's Day is annually celebrated on February 14, It was instituted to celebrate Saint Valentine.


This holiday was established two centuries after St Valentine died as a martyr around 270 A.C. (After Christ). His remains are on the Terni's Basilica (Terni is a city located on the Umbria region in the Center Italy) where you can read "San Valentino Patrono Dell'amore" ("Saint Valentine patron of love"), and for this it is Lover's Day.


On this day the lovers exchange gifts, but especially the man send flowers or give chocolates to her woman and invite her to a nice restaurant for a romantic dinner.

What beautiful idea instead of a restaurant crowded of people to prepare a dinner just for two in your house or in some unusual place? I am sure your wife or your girlfriend or your fiancée or, simply, your date will appreciate your initiative especially your effort on the kitchen if you are not the kind of man able to manage the stove.

During history there have been many people for whom the art of seduction was a science, with special importance at the table and food. For example Casanova relied on oyster, Napoleon trusted on the property of the truffle, and Shakespeare believed that mint with rosemary and lavender could stimulate middle-aged men.

Here's some suggestions to make your night unforgettable:

I don't think I need to tell you how to prepare the room and the table, you won't miss scented candles and flowers and everything is necessary to create an attractive atmosphere.

Talking about food, there are a lot of foods known as aphrodisiac like oyster, caviar, chili pepper, pineapple or cinnamon. According to the eroticism code it is said that chili pepper, because chili, makes your mouth in flames and whets one's amorous appetite, or that strawberries, because of its flesh and round shape, are an invitation to make love.

For sure seafood is the best for a special dinner, as oyster and champagne following with clam sauté and lobster or sea bream with aromatic herbs and cherries tomatoes, and to conclude "with sweetness" a fresh berries salad, reds as a passion, and a chocolate cake because of its stimulating property...Everything to prepare your partner to the next delicious course!

At the end more than aphrodisiac food it is your ability to transform a menu in something sexually interesting and mischievous, with a little fantasy and ability to put together the right ingredients, in a crescendo of flavors and fragrances, that will give to your love a palpitations night.

Good luck!

By Rita Peters