Let's Retire To Italy

Resting in Italy's Beautiful Countryside for the Rest of Your Days

Italy, a land of seemingly timeless beauty and charm, is quickly becoming one of the most popular locations for retirement. Stepping into Italy for the first time is like stepping into a fairytale. A captivating countryside coupled with excellent weather sets the stage for a dream come true.

Everyone has their own idea for a dream home and a dream location for their retirement home. The ideal place to retire depends on the individual and the individual's dreams; however, Italy creates a steady demand for retirement homes.

Although Italy may not be offering gated retirement communities, such as those found in the United States, numerous properties offering a wide array of styles, features, and locations are available. Typical homes in Italy may not even exist because each home is unique in character, structure, and aesthetic aura. Many Italians favor the more modern homes in the cities whereas foreigners prefer the farmhouses and village homes from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries dotting the rural landscape.

Italian real estate provides an eclectic array of homes ranging from modestly priced to exorbitantly priced. Small rural cottages and terraced village homes tempt individuals who prefer the rustic countryside and steep-sided wooded valleys. Chestnut and European Oak trees provide constant companionship. Quaint villages and towns resting in the shadows of mountain crags and ruined fortresses suit the tastes of those individuals who don't need every modern amenity that life has to offer.

On the other side with the rich and well to do, Italy also offers an enticing bevy of luxurious properties, including large country homes, estates with swimming pools, splendid villas situated on the Riviera, and luxury apartments in the heart of it all, Rome. Homes are relatively few and far between in the cities of Italy and the people living there content themselves with apartments ranging from the modest to the extravagant.

While the modern homes are generally quite luxurious inside, the exterior often leaves a lot to be desired. Perhaps if the architectural beauty and impressiveness of earlier homes were not so apparent, the difference would not be so noticeable. While older homes offer a great deal more on the aesthetic level with attractive features from earlier century construction, they may be lacking in modern amenities. Country homes quite often bring a bit of atmosphere to living with fireplaces and thick stone walls.

However, real estate in Italy offers a higher standard of home than many other European countries. Italians take a great deal of pride in their homes and transform ordinary features into beautiful components that offer comfort as well as functionality.

Italian homes are generally built with the sturdiest of materials, such as stone and brick. White stucco plaster is popular for interior walls that are often painted in pastel colors. Entrance halls, corridors, and living rooms are often paved with marble.

Beautiful ceramic tiles, as only Italy provides, often adorn bathrooms and kitchens. Retirement in Italy may rekindle the romance in any relationship. No matter which area of Italy retirees decide to settle and retire, Italy's countryside offers something more than just a place to retire.

The pristine beauty of crystal blue lakes offer a serenity and peace like an oasis in the desert. The regal splendor of snow-capped mountains presents an awe-inspiring visage that transcends the ordinary. A blanket of olive groves, date palms, and lemon and banana trees covering Italian hillsides suggest a peaceful repose. The aromatic scents of azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, and colorful wildflowers invigorate the soul to new heights.

Italy captivates Italians and non-Italians alike with its exquisite beauty. The liveliness of the country permeates every aspect of life. Every Italian home is unique in character and architecture, just as every individual is unique in character and personality. Selecting a retirement home is an important occasion and it calls for a bit of research on the part of the individual making the decision.

Invest in a few simple purchases and discover everything there is to know about the area in which you are thinking about purchasing a retirement home. If possible, rent a home or apartment in the area for a few weeks to get a feel for the true flavor of the area. Read any and all local brochures, magazines, and newspapers to discover what life in that particular section of Italy is like. Many people look forward to retirement and their retirement home. Everything possible should be done to insure that the retirement home purchased is the perfect home.

By Susan M. Keenan

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