Incorruptible Saints

Saintly Relics of Italy: The Incorruptibles

Visitors to certain Italian churches are often shocked by the display of a corpse, dressed in religious vestments and encased in a glass coffin at the high altar or in the crypt. What is most shocking is that many of these bodies are hundreds of years old and yet are still in excellent condition. These are the bodies of the mysterious incorruptibles, pious individuals whose remains do not decompose after death. The phenomenon of Incorruptibility is taken as a powerful sign of saintliness in the Catholic Church and most of these individuals have already been canonized. In the past when bodies have been exhumed, people were amazed to discover that the deceased looked as if not a day had past. While most relics of saints are reduced to bones or dust, the bodies of the Incorrupt are in excellent if not a perfect state of preservation.

The Catholic Church states that the body cannot be embalmed or mummified at death to be considered Incorrupt, which makes the phenomenon even more mysterious. However, the property of Incorruptibility is not permanent as some relics have now been reduced to only portions of the body or to a skeleton. The exact nature of Incorruptibility is yet unknown even with scientific examination, drawing the attention of both the skeptical and religious communities. Below is just a sample of the Incorrupt saints found in Italy, however there are many more to be found in churches and monasteries around the world.


St. Clare of Assisi


St. Claire of Assisi relics at Assisi (Basilica di Santa Chiara)

Saint Clare (Santa Chiara di Assisi) was an early follower of Saint Francis of Assisi and is best known as the founder of the Poor Clares, the female order of the Franciscans. After a life of piety and labor, including miraculously saving Assisi from attack on two occasions, Clare died in 1253. Seven years after her death, the incorrupt body of the newly canonized saint was interred in the Church of Santa Chiara in Assisi. By the 19th century when a new crypt was built for the Saint’s remains, it was discovered that Claire was no longer officially Incorrupt, yet her skeleton was in perfect condition. Today Saint Clare’s remains lie in a state of repose, covered in a wax figure dressed in the habit of her Order.


Saint Clare of Montefalco


Saint Clare of Montefalco

Both the Franciscans and the Augustinians revere Saint Clare “of the Cross”. An extremely pious person, Clare dedicated herself to the passion of Jesus and was so devout in life that followers constantly worried about her health. After her death, it was discovered that she had the mark of the Cross above her heart, which was removed and placed in a reliquary. The rest of Saint Clare of Montefalco remains Incorrupt and is on display at the Augustinian church of Santa Chiara in the Umbrian town of Montefalco.


Saint Catherine of Bologna

One of the most famous and unique of the Incorrupt Saints of Italy is Saint Catherine of Bologna, a member of the Poor Clares and Mother Superior of her convent. After her death in 1463 Catherine was buried without a casket, however she was exhumed only weeks later after a string of miracles and visions. Her Incorrupt body was venerated for over two centuries before being canonized. Instead of lying in a glass casket Saint Catherine of Bologna’s eerie remains are seated, her skin darkened by the constant lighting of candles. Besides the darkened skin, the Patron Saint of Artists is in a remarkable state of preservation.

Saint Rita of Cascia


Saint Rita da Cascia and Simon

Saint Rita, popular with Christian Pilgrims is a patron saint of lost causes (along with Saint Jude). It is said that Saint Rita bore a Stigmata wound on her forehead, miraculously caused by the Crown of Thorns during one her of deep contemplations on the Passion. After several years of being bedridden from sickness and self-inflicted penance, Saint Rita died in 1456. Immediately after death her body is said to have performed miracles and had signs of Incorruptibility. After centuries of veneration of her Incorrupt body and numerous documented miracles, Rita of Cascia was canonized in 1900. The Saint’s body is still partially incorrupt and housed in the Basilica of Saint Rita in the Umbrian town of Cascia.


Saint Sperandia

The town of Cingoli in Le Marche is home to the relatively obscure Saint Sperandia, a Benedictine nun who was known for her visions. Since her death in 1276, the Saint has been exhumed from her grave eight times, and currently rests in the Monastero di Santa Sperandia. Her still Incorrupt remains are one of several holy bodies that exude a sweet fragrance known as the "odor of sanctity".

Incorrupt Popes

Although the Vatican has no official policy on embalming, many popes have chosen to forgo the process, most recently John Paul II. In the fairly recent past there have been two popes that have not been embalmed and are showing signs of Incorruptibility. Pius IX, known as Pio Nono to Romans and one of the longest lived Popes was buried in the crypt of San Lorenzo fuori le mura. In 2000, one hundred and twenty-two years after his death, Pius IX was exhumed and found to be in excellent condition and supposedly, still smiling. Pope and Saint, Pius X explicitly forbade any preservation of his body and when he was exhumed in 1944, thirty years after his death, the future saint was in such good shape that his limbs were still flexible. Today Pope Saint Pius X rests under the Chapel of the Presentation in St. Peter’s Basilica. Another popular Pope, John XXIII is also on display in St. Peter’s but he is not Incorrupt, his excellent state of preservation is due to embalming.

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Monday, October 31TH, 2011 by Guest

I pray too god quietly too myself and ask god whyy was I punished being borned disabled then have the most wonderful young childhood anyone could have then my mother's health (mental health) has declined as a young adult in my 20s I was raped by a male worker over a two year period I kner understood really what he really did wrong until I went to a urology department with prob the doctor looked at me and the sister then took my hands and asked had anyone had touched me meaning had I been raped I then went into absolute fear as the animal that raped me was coming in and out of the door like a evil rat.  Then my my life went from bad too worse and I set fire too a kitchen to try and kill myself but force of the flames threw me backwards I also ran away along the coast where I lived and asked god why me the once I walked along the coast with water uptoo my knees and when found I had a servere astama attack yet no one at the college caught on I nearly got my my head staff member too tell her the abuser pushed me down the stair which caused me too have a split lip and it needed stiched and never went too hospital untill 6 hrs later I then towardsthe end of being at college I had a servereest chest infection with a number of other infections and my temp was so high I should have been ded and it was xmas time and I was keep in this side in isolation as I was so infectious for 3 long weeks I also my weight balooned wheile to give me comfort from what I had too deal with my so called mum never picked up something was so badly wrong and yet still I cut my wrist in a way for help I then left college and got help from a so called whom I thought I could trust and for 12 yrs I did he then did the unforgivable by giving me a false mental health condition the more I read about the more I didn't believe him and I then went too this meeting this one sad day he then admited to me he lied to give too me because he he was pressurised into giving it to me by a spersific social work team 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mum was bullied and pressured by the doctors too switch my machine off if I was not here I would never be a bearden I would never had too expereience rape and never had too deal with such evil as I am dealing with I feel so unhappy not accepted nor loved by my family I even when to a charity memebers do to support charity with the condition I suffer from I have not been going too meeting for last 4 yrs from being ill with infections etc I went too this meeting alone to one of the cities alone yet I norm go with a support worker but they implied my carers get london wage outside london but they get the avarage wage where I live I struggled big time and too make things harder I was not invited for the meal out to a resturant like other members did and following the bank I was with because of my high pictched because of my deafness they blocked my debit card and I had only 13 pounds to my nanme to get from onee end of the city too another on a sunday.  What cant understand why is god make 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Wednesday, December 07TH, 2011 by Guest

i understand wat ur goin thru....u need God...u strongly need ready to pray with u for u & ur family...and im ready to share ur probs..plz do keep in touch with me on, or add me on facebook...u cn trust me blindly..u r loved...
regards, daniel.

Friday, February 03TH, 2012 by Guest

You need a friend.  From one Christian to another, you have severe psychiatric issues that need to be addressed, either with medication or surgery.,  On the other hand, I suspect you've made it all up ... attention seeking - still a mental health issue.  You are a nutter.

Wednesday, February 08TH, 2012 by Guest

I am sorry for all that you have been through! To be sincerely honest though, it may help if you take your sight off all your problems, and focus on God, give them to Him, there is nothing to heavy for Him, and He wants you to take a refugee in Him so that you can get healed of your past. I'm disabled to, so your not alone, but the more you focus on any and every problem the more it will control your life, and the more is pushes you away from God, because you lose sight of Him. Face your problems, give them to God and show faith that you know He has it all under control. Get into a counseling program so you can have someone to talk to, and someone to help you through the emotions and recovery of rape. Please find a friend or family member to speak with, because you can't expect to find people who are kind and understanding on the internet. Best wishes!!

Saturday, July 14TH, 2012 by Guest

These bodies were intentionally mummified by the Church. All of the new books, including "Christian Mummification" provide enough evidence for us all to know that they were not miraculously preserved.  But why does the Church intentionally mummify people?  I don't get it...

Tuesday, November 12TH, 2013 by Guest

Blessed Saints, thank you for your healing of my son's genogram, parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents, cleansing, deliverance protection (my nieces, nephews, godchild's family as well), Erich needs a powerful intercessor for bondages breaking and attacks of the devil.