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Rentals In Italy


Rent an apartment in Italy

Rent an apartment in Italy

If you plan an extended stay in Italy, whether for vacation or to buy property, it may be a smart decision to seek out a rental. There is no shortage of rental properties in both Italian cities and the smaller towns, in virtually every price range. In this section you will find information about how to find an ideal rental property, both long and short term, for your stay in Italy.


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Types of Holiday Accommodations
Thursday, February 26TH, 2015 by admin
   Accommodations to ensure Relaxation   The Hotel Excelsior, in Rome's Via Veneto: a symbol of the Dolce Vita (by Rosemary Dukelow at   If you're looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday, think about renting a self catering villa or a vacation home. It's a great way to get away from it all, relax, boost your morale and recharge your energy.   Take precautions and know exactly what type of property you are renting. If you plan on renting a villa, check to see that it hasn't been converted into apartments. Some owners of...
Rome Vatican Apartment for rent
Friday, May 16TH, 2014 by admin
  Apartments for rent near the Vatican I visited this apartment complex personally and I sent here several friends. The feedback was always excellent. Both location and apartments are great. All apartments, comprised of 2 /3 /4 bedrooms,  are large, full of light and clean. You will also have the freedom to exit and reenter your room as you please.  Paolo Nascimbeni ( About the Area See Also map of Apartment In Rome for rent   The 44 apartments are located at the very heart of Rome, in an area called Borgo Vittorio ( the Vatican area )...
Rome Vatican Apartments for rent
Friday, June 01TH, 2012 by admin
See Also Apartment In Rome for rent near the Vatican If you are looking for accommodation in Rome, your search is over. An hotel may seem the most logical choice, but think about it: where do you feel more at home if not in an home? A stay in an apartment near the center of Rome can make your trip from great to magical. Take for example one of our partners' offer, a choice of flats near Vatican City. The 40 apartments are located in the very heart of Rome in the area called Borgo Vittorio ( the Vatican area ) near Via Della Conciliazione and Castel S Angelo (located in the large gre...
Rom Italien Vermietung von Appartements/ Ferienwohnungen RENTALS - PROPERTY FOR RENT AFFITTI STAGIONALI   English | German Rom Italien Vermietung von Appartements/ Ferienwohnungen Borgo Pio, very close to the Vatican Wir vermieten Appartements in Italien und Rom, davon 40 Appartments in einer Residenz in der Nähe des Vatikans (siehe auch Rom- Vatikan 40 Appartments in Residenz) für Kurzzeit-oder Langzeitaufenthalte. Für Langzeitaufenthalte verwenden Sie bitte das Kontaktformular da die Preise und Konditionen unterschiedlich sind. Die Appartments, die in der Daten...
APARTMENT RENTALS IN ITALY Interior of an apartmentWhen you first arrive in Italy before renting or buying a house or apartment, for example in Rome, it is a good idea to spend a bit of time in a apartment with a short term rental agreement or in a hotel or "pensione" (a more modest type of accommodation, although some can be very nice and friendly in residential areas) so that you get your bearing and become acquainted with the various neighborhoods or parts of the town, as well as with the public transportation system. For more information about temporary lodgi...