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Fidenza Mall Parma Italy

Not so far from the city of Parma, in the Reggio Emilia province, is the Fidenza Village Outlet Shopping Center. It is one of the most beautiful outlet shopping centers that I have seen in years. Fidenza Village is constructed with the cozy quaint feeling of a village. The architect who designed this mall really knew how to capture beauty, comfort and convenience for the shoppers who would frequent here. This new upscale shopping center has much to offer to various types of shoppers. It is also a very nice place to just go for a walk. Mothers and fathers with children will find Fidenza Village very comfortable, because of the large child-friendly restroom facilities. This is something I have not seen in many shopping centers in Italy. One's shopping excursions with children will certainly be more enjoyable and comfortable.

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Fidenza Village is an upscale shopping center with competitive prices and quality to match. If you are bored with the usual shopping malls, then this is the place to explore. The designer shops represented here are from Italy and abroad. The product offerings are diverse ranging from clothing to leather goods, and from home products to delicious sweets. One will find some famous designers here, but this is not the majority represented. Instead it is the 'other' Italian designers who are featured, thereby making it so much more exciting to explore something new. At Fidenza discounts are offered, but one has to shop at the right moment. It is luck more than anything, but when you find the marked down items, it is a treasure. What is interesting about this shopping center is its diversity, where one can find clothing for instance that you just cannot find so easily in other places like Milan or other outlet malls.

Famous designers that one will find at Fidenza Village are Calvin Klein Underwear, Elena Mirò, Pinko, Trussardi, and Versace. It is always worth a moment to peek inside, because discounts are always available.

Upon visiting the mall for the first time I was impressed with its diversity. My shopping trip started with No. 18 Camiceria. This shop features lovely tailored women's shirts in assorted colors and it's the prefect place to find that shirt for business or leisure. Of course, they also have their traditional selection of men's shirts. The women's collection will be expanding, too. For those who might not be able reach Fidenza Village, don't worry, the store also has a shop in Milan city located on the famous Corso Venezia 18. Milan.


If one is searching for women's clothing that is very avant garde and distinctive, and can be worn by women of various ages and personalities, the place to go is IXOS.

The telephone number is +39 0524. 201160. IXOS is also located at the Serravalle Outlet Mall in the town of Serravalle Scrivia (Alba) in Piedmont province.

Fidenza Mall in Italy

Another great shop to visit if one is on the hunt for something unusual is Fornarina. The jean designs are unique, many having a sculpted style that I did not see elsewhere. I have to admit I fell in love with their designs and this shop will always be on my must-visit list.

Outlet Furla is offering a wide selection of high quality leather goods, in particular, handbags and shoes. Additionally, they offer a a collection of trendy watches. It is also possible to visit their website: www.furla.com

If you like brightly colored sequined cartoon characters on an elegant t-shirt, then Officina di Ricerca Jeans is the place for you. These shirts are the hottest look for the moment. The Officina shop actually has two locations at Fidenza Village. They also offer Calvin Klein and Guess jeans for both men and women.

Calvin Klein Underwear offers very fair prices on its underwear and great discounts for both women and men. The shop offers a large assortment of styles and colors. The Fidenza shopping center also features other lingerie stores, and one can find underwear to suit all budgets for both women and men.

Camper is a fun store to visit if you are a casual shoe fanatic. Their shoe styles make you want to take them home with you. If you looking for good quality leather, causal, trendy styles, then this shop is worth a visit, or call telephone + 39 0524. 514932. This is not the only shop which features good buys on leather goods, Fidenza village has several.

A real jewel of a store that I found is a vintage clothing shop: Vintage Delirium by Franco Jacassi in Fidenza Village (tel. + 39 0524.201004). They also have another store located in Milan city at Via Sacchi 3 (tel. +39 02.86462076), for those who cannot reach Fidenza. A very large selection of clothes from bygone years. Dresses suits, trousers, including custom jewelry, hats, gloves, and belts. The shop also offers collectable catalogue pages to buy from old pattern books. This place is a must visit, especially if you love the old stuff.

Incidentally, Fidenza Village is located not so far from Parma which is very famous for its Parmesan cheese and ham. Barlumeria is the place to go if one has the desire to eat the best of Parma ham while spending the day shopping at Fidenza Village. One of their specialties is the fresh homemade apertif made from a variety of fruits and ginger, garnished with cream and assorted fruits. It will give you energy for the rest of the shopping day. The food offerings are diverse suiting all budgets, from salads and, sandwiches,to pasta and full meals. The service was very efficient and the staff was very friendly. They even spoke in English. One of the most unusual and interesting sights inside this restaurant is the high wall, stacked with parmesan cheese. Barlumeria can be reached at telephone number +39 0524.201533.

Fidenza Mall, Italian Mall

Don't miss the Lindt chocolate store if your passion is chocolate. One will be immediately overcome by two things, the large crowds of people in the store and the intense, delicious and intoxicating smell of very fine chocolate. Every imaginable blend is available. And, there are mountains to explore. All chocolate lovers must visit the Lindt store.

How to reach Fidenza Village by car is easy. The outlet shopping center is one and a half hours drive from Milan, and very close to Parma. The Fidenza Village Outlet Mall is very conveniently situated from the A-1 Autostrada. You take the A-1 from Milan towards Bologna. Take the exit at the "Fidenza Salsomaggiore". It is also possible to travel to Fidenza Village by train. From the Milan Central Station you take the Milano-Bologna line and get off at Fidenza station. Then take a shuttle bus service from Fidenza train station to Fidenza Village. This shuttle service runs every half-hour to and from Fidenza Village. Happy shopping.

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By Karin S. Fester