Shopping in Trentino

Trento - Piazza Duomo

Trentino-Alto Adige is a region located in northern Italy. The region is made of two provinces, Bolzano and Trento. It had once been a part of Hungary-Austria and before that a part of Austrian Empire in the olden times. It had remained a part of the empire from 1389 till 1919 when it was annexed to Italy. Along with the state of Tyrol in Austria, the region represents the South Tyrol-Euroregion Tyrol.

Trentino-Alto Adige is located along the border of Austria in the north, to Switzerland in the north-west and to the regions of Veneto and Lombardy in Italy. It is spread over an area of 13,607 sq km and the landscape of the region is mountainous. It covers a large part of the Alps and the Dolomites. The economy of the region is based mainly on agriculture and cattle breeding and on a few industries like paper. The region is known for its fertile land and so produces good quality fruits and dairy products.


Typical Products

Asiago Cheese

The region of Trentino-Alto Adige is known for its excellent regional cuisine which is made from several typical products for which the region is famous. Shopping in the region is mainly based on food products. Biroldi con crauti are typical blood sausages which are filled with pine nuts, walnuts and chestnuts and are flavored with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. The most popular cheese produced in the region is the Asiago cheese which is also more popularly known as Pressato cheese. There are two forms of Asiago cheese available, fresh cheese and mature cheese. The fresh Asiago cheese is mild in flavor and has an off white color while the matured cheese is grainy and has a yellowish color. Another typical product of the region is speck, which is boned pork ham which is seasoned and then smoked and aged according to the local traditions. The region is mainly known for its variety of sausages and salamis like Baldonazzi, carne salada, coiga, Kaminwurz and Lardo.


Outdoor Markets

Bolzano - Marketplace

In Italy, the best way to shop is by visiting some of the open air markets and the flea markets in the cities and towns. In Trentino-Alto Adige too there are quite a lot of good outdoor markets where visitors would be able to find many good products and handicrafts which have been locally made by the artisans. In most markets these products would be available at lower prices in comparison to the bigger stores. In the city of Trento every Saturday there is a large market in Piazza Garzetti which is a must visit. This unique market has a large number of vendors selling antiques and used products. There are also many art works and handicraft items at the market which are available at very low prices. The market is especially famous with collectors.

In Trento there is another good market which is held every month on the third Sunday in Via San Bernardino and Oratorio dei Bertoniani. This market also has a large number of vendors selling antiques and collectibles. In the city of Levico Terme every month on the first Sunday there is a market in Piazza Venezia. In this market there are more than 100 stands where vendors sell a large variety of antiques and collectibles like old coins, military objects, ancient maps, stamps and antiques. The market is frequented by collectors from all over the region and from the other regions in Italy.


Shopping in Bolzano

The best place to shop in the Trentino-Alto Adige region is Bolzano since it is a large city and an important tourist destination. In Bolzano every district has its own streets and shopping areas. The main shopping area is the historical center of the city. In Bolzano the beautiful Thun ceramic sculpture are made. There are also many Italian and Tyrolean fashion labels in the city.

Bolzano - Laubengasse (Via Portici)

One of the most popular shopping street in Italy is Arcades Lauben in Bolzano. This beautiful street is lined on both sides with many international and Italian chains of stores selling fashion clothes, accessories and other items. Near the Walther Square is the Greif Center which is a luxurious and a very modern shopping gallery where visitors would be able to find almost anything. Dr Streiter Lane is a location where more traditional shops are located.

In Victory Square every Saturday there is a large market and in the same place on weekdays there is a fruit market. Bolzano is mainly famous for its Christmas market because of which it has been called the Christmas capital of Italy. Every year from November 23rd to December there is a large market in Walther Square where more than 80 stands sell all kinds of Christmas products. Another market takes place in Palace Campofranco which is known as Winterwald. There are several other such smaller Christmas markets in the city in all areas.


Shopping in Trento

Trento is another important city in the region which is known for its shopping streets and lively markets. Apart from the antique and handicraft markets that take place every month in the city, the weekly food markets in Trento are worth visiting. These markets are still very traditional in nature and are colorful and very busy at all times of the day. Visitors would find fresh fruits and vegetables, sea food, meats, salamis, sausages, cold cuts and various other food items in these markets. The older section of the city has various small shops that sell antiques from the region, though some of these might be very costly if they are authentic. Traditional handicrafts, pottery, ceramics are also available at a lot of stores in the historic center of the town.

One of the best things to purchase in Trento is wine. The region is known for its many vineyards and many local wines are produced in the region. Wine shops in the city have a good collection of wines and spirits. Another noteworthy drink is grappa, which is widely preferred by the locals.

Shopping Outlet in Trentino

Clothes, Sports shops, Accessories, Shoe shops, House & Home, Gastronomy, Lingerie shops

*All shops closed on Sundays unless otherwise indicated


Dolomiten Sportswear

Via Piera, 2°
Tel 04-62813106
Tesero (Tn)
Mon-Sat 8-12 \ 3-7 Sundays July, August and September
Highway-Autostrada A22, exit Egna-Ora for highway (statale) 48 Cavalese. After Cavalese, you half way to Tesero
Dicount of 20%

They sell Dolomiten collections, known for their production of Loden, wool robes, coats, husky, sports tops, wind breakers. Sales July and January. What’s left of the end of the season is discounted 70%


Via Paese, 3
Tel 04-1354595
San Genesio Atesino (Bz)
Mon-Fri 9-12 \ 2-5
Highway A22, exit Bolzano Nord (north) from here you’ll see signs for San Genesio Atesino
Save 10%

Jackets, gilet, and wool shirts for the whole family. Discounts are not the highest but the selection is vast. Articles from previous season

Lanificio Moessmer

Via Walther von der Vogelweide,6
Tel 04-74411267
Brunico (Bz)
Mon-Fri 9-1230 \ 230-630 Saturday 9-1230 and first Saturday of month also open 230- 6
Highway-Autostrada A22 Brennero, exit Bressanone then take SS49 per brunico
Save 30-50%

Near the factory specialize in Loden, tweed and wool robes, overcoats, Tirlol hats and other accessories like Superga in Loden.

Store House
Via Garda,1
Tel 04-61565020
Sarche (Tn)
Save 20-40%

Set up in a 50’s style this store carry the best names in sports clothes and casusal-chic for the entire family: Barbour, Belstaff, Henry Lloyd, Invicta, Calvin Klein, Murphy&Nye, Outrage, Capalbio, Vans and B.D. Baggies. A good selection of sizes from the previous season.

Timberland Factory Outlet

c\o City Center Strada statale del Brennero, 46
tel. 04-72767670
Val di Vizze (Bz)
Mon-Wed-Fri 9-12 \230-645 Thur. 9-12 Sat. 9-1 \ 230-630
Highway A22 , exit Vipiteno-Sterzing
Save 30-50%

House & Home

Via Galvani, 29 Industrial zone
Tel 04-71245272
Save 35-70%

Here they offer a vast selection of articles in almost every period of the year. Divided into two parts, the first floor is filled with new collections from ceramic plates and stufe in maiolica; the second floor has a section reserved for end of season items in which are discounted 50%.

Ulbrich Tessiture (weaving)

Passeggiata Tielt, 17a
Tel-04 74555900
Brunico (Bz)
Save 30-70%
Mon-Fri 9-12 \ 230-630 Saturdays 9-12
Highway A22, exit Bressanone, SS 49 in the direction of Brunico

What’s left of seasonal items; table clothes, napkins, curtains, linen towels, American setsm and materials for furniture.



Via del Ponte, 31
Tel 04- 61381791
Ravina (Tn)
Save 20%
Mon-Fri 9-1230 \ 2-630
Highway A22, exit Trento,tangenziale for Verona, exit Ravina

A large selection of bottles of good qualità; Grigio, prine rose, cabernet sauvignon, Casteller, Fiori d’inverno, Val d’Adige. It’s also possible to acquistare grappe (a distillated alcohol made from grape stalks) and spumanti, also gift wrapped.

Latteria Sociale Vipiteno

Via Passo Giovo, 108
Tel 04-72764155
Vipiteno (Bz)
Mon-Fri 8-12 \ 245-615 Saturdays 8-12
Highway A12, exit at Vipiteno, follow for Passo Monte di Giovo
Save 20%

Store representing the brand “Vipiteno”. Producers of yogurt Alto Adige quality. They also produce butter, milk and cheeses.


Via Gastere,3
Tel 04 71296111
Auna di Sotto-Renon (Bz)
Mon-Fri 830-12 \ 1-430
Highway A22, exit at Bolzano Nord (north)
Save 20-30%

Sellers of Loacker wafers, cookies, and chocolate cakes, candies and muesli.

Mendel Speck

Via Stazione,19
Termeno sulla strada del vino (Bz)
Mon-Fri 830-12 \ 3-630 Saturday 8-12
Highway A22 ,exit Egna-Ora, direction Termeno
Save 30%

They carry speck, the savory salumi typical of this Region. And they produce other dried meats such as pancetta (Italian bacon) and prosciutto.

Mila Shop-Milkon

Kampillerstrasse, 13a
Tel 04-71451111
Save 30%
Mon-Fri 830-1230\ 230-630 Saturdays 830-12
From Bolzano SS12 for Brennero, follow in the direction of Cardano

All of the Mila products sold here at convient prices. Yogurt in many flavors, milk, cheeses and buttermilk (Latticello) and live bacterias. You’ll also find organic horseradish, spelt flakes, and apple cider vinegar.